MONEY. That’s the bottom line in the world of work! And union members make a lot more money than non-union employees, U.S. government figures show.

Union members earn 28% more than non-union workers in wages alone, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. (If you include the value of benefits, it’s 36% more!)

People in lower paying jobs gain even more from union bargaining power. Paychecks for women with a union contract are 30% higher than for women without a union. African-American union members make 37% more than their non-union counterparts. For Hispanic union members, wages are 55% higher!

So that’s the bottom line – joining the IAM puts thousands more dollars into your pocket, year after year.

It’s a no-brainer! Joining the IAM is the smartest financial move you can make.

Help Union Plus Serve IAM Members

Mon. March 28, 2016

Did you know that IAM members have 25+ consumer benefits with Union Plus, like wireless savings, a mortgage program with hardship assistance, travel savings, and more? Union Plus has been helping union members save for 30 years, and you’re qualified just because you’re an IAM member. Click here to learn more about your Union Plus Benefits.

National IAM Benefit Trust Fund

Tue. September 22, 2009

Click to visit the National IAM Benefit Trust Fund

Providing quality health care coverage for IAM members and their families, the Benefit Trust Fund offers a broad range of benefits including medical, prescription drug, dental, vision, life and short term disability coverage. Benefits provided are collectively bargained as part of an IAM contract.

Click here to go the National IAM Benefit Trust Fund Website

IAM National Pension Fund

Tue. September 22, 2009

Click to visit the IAM National Pension Fund
With more than 1,750 contributing employers and nearly $9 billion in assets, 113,000 active participating members and over 71,000 retirees and beneficiaries enjoy the security of a sound financial future.

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