2008 IAM News Archives

Winpisinger Center Offers New Classes

Thu. March 06, 2008

The William W. Winpisinger Education & Technology Center is adding new classes and updating existing courses as part of its mission to provide IAM members with a labor education experience that is second to none.

Among the new classes is Negotiation Preparation for Bargaining Committees, a week-long course tailored to meet the needs of a specific bargaining committee. Members of a committee spend a week at the Center, reviewing company financial data, preparing actual proposals and drafting a communication plan to keep members informed and involved in the negotiating process.

IAM bargaining committees with upcoming negotiations that have already completed the new class include, Raytheon, Cessna, Electrolux, UTC, U.S. Sugar, Honeywell, Vought/Hawker Beechcraft/Spirit, Splenda and Rolls Royce. Other IAM committees have signed up for similar sessions later this year.

“Most of our committee is new, and we needed to understand the process of negotiating a contract,” said Angel Rock of Nashville, TN, Local 735, who recently completed the Negotiation Preparation class with fellow members of the IAM-Vought Negotiating Committee. “This training will give us an upper hand at the bargaining table; now we know what we’re up against.”

Other new or revised courses include: First Contract, a program for training union organizers that has been significantly revised since its debut in 2006. Other classes include: new Spanish Leadership II, a revised Basic Arbitration class and a totally new Advanced Arbitration class.

“With the ever-changing dynamics in the workplace, it’s imperative that we review our curriculum from time to time,” said Winpisinger Director Chris Wagoner. “These changes are a result of our latest review. Our goal is to continually provide members with the most current and relevant training available for them to do their jobs and do their jobs well.”

Over 50,000 IAM members have attended classes at the Winpisinger Center since it first opened its doors for learning in 1981. For the 2008 schedule and course descriptions, click here.