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Winpisinger Biography Available

Wed. December 10, 2008

William W. Winpisinger, who was IAM International President from 1977 to 1988, is regarded as one of the most important figures in modern labor history. In addition to his stewardship of the IAM, “Wimpy” also sued OPEC for price fixing, helped establish the NFL Players Association, was one of the first civilians to ever use the internet, exposed big media’s bias against the labor movement and was instrumental in convincing Ted Kennedy to challenge Jimmy Carter for the Presidency.

A new biography of Winpisinger by Patrick S. Halley gives an in-depth look at the legendary labor leader known worldwide by his nickname, “Wimpy.” Critics have called it: “Well researched, elegantly written;” and “…a must read for anyone curious about both the life and times of an American original and the promise of a better life for all Americans;” and “A great history of the Machinists Union and the Labor Movement.” To order a copy of “Wimpy” (Booksurge Publishing, 2008), go to www.wimpybook.com, or visit www.Amazon.com.