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Sign a Union Card and Secure your Future Today

1) Print a copy before you return it via email,

2) Sign and date the printed copy; and,

3) Fold it into quarters so the pre-paid postage is clear.

Drop the completed and folded card into the mail and it’ll be returned to our headquarters. A hardcopy with a signature and date will be required to file for an election.

For more infomation email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call (301) 967-4752

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Job Security & Peace of Mind

Wages, Benefits and Retirement

Having a Voice at Work

The Need For a Union

The IAM & Service Contractors

Union Resources and Political Clout
AFSS Pension Fix -- Restoring Earned Benefits

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AFSS Pension Fix

AFSS Pension Fix -- Restoring Earned Benefits (Video)
AFSS Pension Fix -- Personal Profiles

Email Blasts

1 - FAA Contractors & the IAM
2 - The IAM & Job Security
3 - Wages & Benefits
4 - Job Classifications & IAM Representation
5 - Union Mileposts
6 - Democracy IAM Style
7 - The Case for IAM Representation
8 - IAM SCA Employers
9 - Benefits and Options
10 - Dollars and Sense
11 - Summer Vacation
12 - RIF
13 - Labor Day
14 - Education and Opportunity
15 - Anniversaries Matter
16 - Steps to Represention
17 - The Holidays and Your Future
18 - Going to the Dogs
19 - Education Rules (WWW Technology & Education Center)
20 - Community Services
21 - Retirement Done Right
22 - Scholarship: Another IAM Helping Hand

Articles and Print Material

AFSS Victory article -- IAM Journal
Ghost Pilot Victory at MMAC -- iMail
NOTEMs from AFSS Campaign (Notice to Employees)
AFSS Pension Fix -- Personal Profiles
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