Labor Day 2014

Fri. August 29, 2014
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“Labor Day is the holiday for the working man. The day that celebrates the hard work and dedication we go through to support our families. I wish all TCU members and hard working men and women everywhere an enjoyable Labor Day,” said TCU President Bob Scardelletti.

TCU Clerks and ARASA (MofE) Sign Agreements on Metro-North

Tue. August 26, 2014

TCU President Robert Scardelletti said, "I commend our negotiators for their ability to deliver this excellent agreement to our Metro-North members so quickly after our historic contract struggle on Long Island."

Railroad Labor Submits Comment to FRA Requesting Denial of Petition by NS

Sat. August 23, 2014

FRA Denies AAR Waiver Request to Avoid Brake Inspections and Tests Performed By TCU/IAM Carmen

Wed. August 20, 2014

ITF Congress Elects TCU and IAM Reps to Key Leadership Positions

Mon. August 18, 2014

TCU Members on Long Island Rail Road Overwhelmingly Ratify Contract

Sat. August 16, 2014

By a margin never seen before TCU members on Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) ratified the new contract by a 97% vote in favor.

DOL Signs Off on IAM Grand Lodge Election Results

Thu. August 07, 2014