National President Scardelletti Authorizes Strike at New Jersey Transit if No Agreement Is Reached by March 13, 2016

Thu. February 11, 2016

I sincerely hope that New Jersey Transit will come to its senses and agree to a fair settlement. So far, however, they have shown no signs of doing so. We must be prepared to fight for the kind of contract you deserve. I am asking each of you to participate fully in the strike. Your livelihood will depend on it. I, in turn, pledge to you the full support of TCU/IAM to see a strike through to a successful conclusion.

~TCU President Bob Scardelletti

Strike Information - Benefits Available Under the Railroad Retirement Unemployment Insurance Act (RUIA) for Eligible New Jersey Transit Members

Thu. February 11, 2016

Qualified members on an authorized strike are eligible for daily unemployment benefits after meeting a 14-day waiting period. After the initial 14-day waiting period, daily benefits are $67.104 or $671.04 every 10 days in each subsequent 14-day period as long as you claim every day in a benefit period.

New Jersey Transit Rail Labor Coalition Releases Strike Preparation Newsletter

Fri. February 05, 2016

A newsletter, released by the Rail Labor Coalition of Unions on New Jersey Transit (NJT), provides information on the preparations that the workers on NJT need in preparation of the looming strike on March 13th 2016.

The newsletter gives the workers where the negotiations stand, why a strike is likely, what they can do, how Railroad Retirement Unemployment benefits are handled during a strike and encourages them to stand strong.

NJT Unions Continue to Negotiate as Strike Date Looms

Wed. February 03, 2016

Coalition spokesmen said, “The last thing we want is a strike. We have gone five years without a contract. Our settlement proposal is modest and fair. All we are asking is what has been recommended by two expert neutral panels. Congress changed the Railway Labor Act to try to prevent commuter work stoppages by having a second PEB recommend the most reasonable offer, with penalties imposed on the side that doesn’t accept the recommendation. That has almost always led to a settlement. Yet now NJT refuses. We call upon NJT to end this dispute without disruption to the riding public.”

NYTimes endorses Clinton for President

Mon. February 01, 2016

US Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez on the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ 2015 Union Membership Report

Fri. January 29, 2016

"Strong unions empower all working people, putting upward pressure on wages and labor standards throughout the economy. After all, you don’t need a union card to have benefitted from the advent of the weekend."

~US Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez

Medicare for Railroad Workers and Their Families

Fri. January 29, 2016