SMART pushes 2-man crew legislation

Mon. July 11, 2016

The SMART Transportation Division is pushing for new legislation to ensure that freight trains are operated by two-person crews, including a certified conductor and a certifief engineer. TCU/IAM supports this legislation (H.R. 1763, the Safe Freight Act) introduced by long-time defender and supporter of railroads and rail labor, Rep. Don Young (R-AK).

You can tell your Member of Congress to cosponsor this legislation by clicking HERE.

AAR releases 'State of the Industry' report

Mon. July 11, 2016

The Association of American Railroads (AAR) recently released their second 'State of the Industry' report, which includes new research from Towson University's Regional Economic Studies Institute (RESI). For the first time ever, there is data available that quantifies the economic impact that railroads have on the American economy and the American landscape. The new data clearly shows that the robust and diverse American economy that we enjoy would be stifled without the ample access to global markets that our world-class railroads provide.

Puchala Assumes NMB Chairmanship

Fri. July 08, 2016

Nominated by President Barack Obama, Ms. Puchala was confirmed as Member of the National Mediation Board by the United States Senate on May 21, 2009. She was sworn in on May 26, 2009, completing the term of her predecessor as Chairman through June 30, 2009.  In August 2013, Ms. Puchala was again confirmed by the United States Senate after being nominated by President Obama.  Ms. Puchala served as Chairman from July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012 and from July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014.

Union Plus Announces Assistance for Members Impacted by the Recent Flooding

Sat. July 02, 2016

The Union Plus Disaster Relief Grant program is available to qualified members who are Union Plus credit cardholders, participate in the Union Plus Auto Insurance program or have a Union Plus Home Mortgage and who reside in one of the following FEMA designated West Virginia counties: Clay, Fayette, Greenbrier, Kanawha, Monroe, Nicholas, Pocahontas, Roane, Summers and Webster.

Union Plus Announces 2017 Scholarship Program

Sat. July 02, 2016

The program provides for one-time cash grants ranging from $500 to $4,000 to eligible undergraduates and graduates attending a U.S. accredited university, college or community college, or a recognized trade or technical school.

2016 Fringe Benefits

Fri. July 01, 2016

What is my Union Contract Worth

Click here to view what a TCU contract is worth to a 30 year member retiring today.

Cost of Wages & Fringe Benefits as of Jan 2016:



Health & Welfare Cost‐Sharing Employee Contributions – National Agreement

Fri. July 01, 2016

Effective July 1, 2016, the employee contribution will be subject to the formula set out in the National Agreement for cost sharing, which provides that “employee cost‐sharing contributions shall be adjusted so as to equal the lesser of 15% of the carriers’ monthly rate for 2016 or $230”. Pursuant to the formula shown on the attached, effective July 1, 2016, the employee cost‐sharing contribution shall be adjusted to $228.89 per month.