Machinists Union Announces Bob Martinez to Succeed Tom Buffenbarger as International President

Sun. November 22, 2015

"TCU looks forward to working with International President Elect Martinez," said TCU President Bob Scardelletti. "IAM will continue to lead the way with Bob's strong leadership."

Highway-Transit Bill Still Under Construction

Fri. November 20, 2015

With recent tragic events taking center-stage on Capitol Hill, President Obama reluctantly signed another two-week extension of the current Highway-Transit bill. The bill had been scheduled to expire this evening. The extension should provide lawmakers the needed time to hammer out the final details on a much longer bill that would potentially provide authorized funding for up to six years.

Congressional Pressure Builds to Repeal Middle-Class Health Insurance Tax Hike

Fri. November 20, 2015

RRB Release - Medicare Part B Premiums for 2016

Fri. November 20, 2015

President Appoints PEB 249 on New Jersey Transit

Fri. November 13, 2015

"We are confident that PEB 249 will find the unions' proposals reasonable, and hopeful that NJT will ultimately agree to a fair contract," said TCU President Bob Scardelletti.

New Jersey Transit Invokes Second PEB

Fri. November 06, 2015

New Jersey Transit invoked the appointment of a second Presidential Emergency Board (PEB), pursuant to Section 9a of the Railway Labor Act.

RRB Release - The Importance of a Current Connection for Railroad Retirement Benefits

Fri. November 06, 2015