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What is my Union Contract Worth

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Cost of Wages & Fringe Benefits as of Jan 2016:



Dependent Social Security Number Reporting

Federal Law now requires your health plan to report Social Security Numbers.
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Aetna National Dental Plan Corrects Coordination of Benefits Policy

The change applies only where Aetna is the secondary payer and the primary payer is another plan.
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News about other specific benefits and health & welfare coverage appears in the articles list below.

UnionPLUS3d.jpgWhen you join the union, you enjoy the on-the-job protection that a union contract can bring. You also have access to the union-endorsed Union Plus® benefits, which help you when you're at home. These benefits, which are backed by the collective strength of over 13 million members of AFL-CIO unions, help you and your family save money. With the savings the Union Plus benefits provide, being a union member makes dollars and sense. Click on the logo here to learn about the Union Plus programs in which TCU participates.

Union Plus Discount AT&T Program

Fri. June 17, 2016

Health & Welfare Cost‐Sharing Employee Contributions – National Agreement

Sat. June 11, 2016

Effective July 1, 2016, the employee contribution will be subject to the formula set out in the National Agreement for cost sharing, which provides that “employee cost‐sharing contributions shall be adjusted so as to equal the lesser of 15% of the carriers’ monthly rate for 2016 or $230”. Pursuant to the formula shown on the attached, effective July 1, 2016, the employee cost‐sharing contribution shall be adjusted to $228.89 per month.

TCU Renews Support for United Way and Guide Dogs of America

Thu. June 09, 2016

I urge everyone to continue our proud union tradition to improve our communities and quality of life for everyone by donating time, money, or resources to the United Way and the Guide Dogs of America. The way to get started can be found on their websites: and

~Bob Scadrelletti

Union Plus to TCU Members - Pledge to Buy American

Sat. June 04, 2016

Union Plus Mortgage Program

Fri. April 29, 2016

Union Privilege, the organization that offers Union Plus consumer benefits programs exclusively to labor union members, assists union members buying or refinancing a home through the Union Plus Mortgage Program.

Union Members Save with AT&T Wireless

Sat. April 16, 2016

By standing with the unionized workers at AT&T we can send a strong message to non-union wireless companies that union money will not support them. Let's stand and support the sustainability of the labor movement.

Strike Information - Benefits Available Under the Railroad Retirement Unemployment Insurance Act (RUIA) for Eligible New Jersey Transit Members

Thu. February 25, 2016

Qualified members on an authorized strike are eligible for daily unemployment benefits after meeting a 14-day waiting period. After the initial 14-day waiting period, daily benefits are $67.104 or $671.04 every 10 days in each subsequent 14-day period as long as you claim every day in a benefit period.

Lifetime Maximum Under the Negotiated Medical Plan for Early Retirees (GA-46000) Increased

Fri. December 18, 2015

Congressional Pressure Builds to Repeal Middle-Class Health Insurance Tax Hike

Fri. November 20, 2015

Union Plus Offers Disaster Relief to Eligible Members Effected by the Flooding in South Carolina

Fri. October 23, 2015

TCU Members are Reminded of Open Enrollment Until October 31, 2015

Sat. October 17, 2015

Open Enrollment for members covered under the Railroad Employees National Health and Welfare Plan is still running until October 31.

Union Plus Mortgage Program Available to TCU Members

Fri. October 09, 2015

Retired IAM GST Roach to Lead the Alliance for Retired Americans

Fri. September 25, 2015

2016 Union Plus Scholarships now Available

Wed. August 19, 2015

Online Railroad Health and Welfare Tools Available to TCU Members

Thu. August 13, 2015

State and Local Paid Sick Leave Laws

Fri. July 10, 2015

Several state and local governments have been passing paid sick leave laws that may impact TCU members in those jurisdictions.   For example, some of these laws require an employer in that jurisdiction to provide up to a certain number of days of paid sick leave, or that the employer allow employees to use accumulated sick leave for specified reasons other than their own illness. 

Union Pacific Railroad retaliates against another injured worker

Sat. April 25, 2015

United Healthcare Sponsors Sweepstakes Campaign to Railroad Employees

Fri. March 20, 2015

Union Plus Offers Mortgage Program

Fri. March 20, 2015

TCU Members Continue to Receive Settlements Under OSHA Whistleblower Protections

Sat. December 20, 2014

BNSF Railway Ordered To Pay $12k To Worker Disciplined For Taking Doctor-Ordered Leave

Fri. September 12, 2014

Your Track to Health Releases for September 2014

Wed. September 03, 2014

Elimination of Supplemental Annuities Reductions for 401(k) Plans with Employer Contributions

Thu. June 26, 2014

DOL Launches Online Form to file OSHA Whistleblower Complaints

Fri. January 10, 2014

TCU Joins Business & Labor to End ObamaCare Reinsurance Tax

Sun. November 17, 2013

“Next year just one of the industries where we negotiate will have to pay $27 Million in new fees on our existing health plan. They have already told me they intend that money to come out of our members wages in the next round of bargaining…This must stop or every negotiated health care plan in the country will end”
~Bob Scardelletti

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