IAM Territories

The IAM's 730,000 active and retired members can be found in all 50 states in the U.S. and 10 provinces and three territories of Canada.

Our union is organized into seven territories to better serve our members. Geography defines five of those territories. Transportation covers a series of related industries. Headquarters combines administrative functions with recently merged or affiliated districts and lodges.

Click here to view a map of territory locations including IAM Headquarters and William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center.

IL Governor Pat Quinn invites IAM to Governor’s mansion

Tue. September 16, 2014

Hearing that the Illinois State Council of Machinists and IAM International President R. Thomas Buffenbarger would be in Springfield, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn sent out an invitation to IP Buffenbarger offering to host a breakfast at the Governor’s mansion with the opportunity to discuss issues important to our members.

We Remember

Thu. September 11, 2014

transportation-911.FBIAM General Vice President Sito Pantoja today issued the following statement to mark the somber anniversary of 9-11:

Thirteen years ago today, the United States suffered mind-numbing acts of barbarism. Cowardly terrorist murderers hijacked United and American Airlines jetliners and killed thousands of innocent people. United Airlines Customer Service employees and IAM members Marianne McFarland and Jesus Sanchez were onboard United 175. IAM Organizer and New York City Firefighter Keith Maynard was lost in the collapse of the World Trade Center. The heroic pilots and flight attendants that reported to work that day, the workers in and around the World Trade Center and Pentagon, the hundreds of New York City and Port Authority of New York and New Jersey first responders, and the courageous passengers on those doomed flights – today and everyday we remember them all and the senseless acts that took them from us.

The horrific acts of 9/11 stunned the world. These unspeakable acts of terrorism threw the airline industry into free-fall and contributed to the loss of tens of thousands of jobs, airline bankruptcies and ongoing industry consolidation.

Unfortunately, we still face real threats and IAM members are on the frontlines. Whether it be in the cabin or the ground, at an airport or on our nation's rail system, IAM members are responsible for the traveling public's safety and security.

That's why the IAM has fought senseless efforts to permit knives and other weapons back on board aircraft and to regulate and restrict the use of foreign aircraft repair facilities where personnel are not subject to criminal background checks yet have unfettered access to aircraft. We are fighting to stop dangerous "flags of convenience" schemes that undermine the safety and security of air travel and the misguided efforts to allow mobile voice calls onboard commercial aircraft, which would allow terrorists to better coordinate another attack.

Today is a day to remember our fallen heroes and reflect. It is also a day to recognize the resilience of the hundreds of thousands of Fighting Machinists who answer the call every single day to make our nation better, safer and stronger.

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No Surprise Here: Nikki Haley Campaign Ad Attacks Labor

Tue. September 09, 2014

Republican South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, facing a tough re-election fight in November, is wasting no time throwing darts at her favorite target: organized labor.

Victory for Fighting Machinists of Long Beach Local 1930

Tue. September 09, 2014

The California Court of Appeals has upheld a 2012 Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) decision that the City of Long Beach illegally furloughed its employees in 2009.

IAM Southern Territory Nabs Pegasus Corp. Organizing Win

Tue. September 09, 2014

In another organizing win, the IAM Southern Territory picked up a unanimous “yes” vote by 14 workers at Pegasus Corp. at the Red River Army Depot near Texarkana, TX.  It is the first of many expected votes at the facility, where the IAM has active organizing campaigns with several service contract employers at the base covering nearly 1,000 workers.

Missouri House honors Local 778 activist Don Long

Tue. September 09, 2014

A resolution by the Missouri House of Representatives honoring our departed friend and brother IAM Local 778 activist Don Long was presented to Don's wife and son at the Missouri State Council of Machinists conference in August.

Chicagoland Unions Rally in Support of Striking IAM Mechanics

Tue. September 09, 2014

Unions representing 500,000 members in Chicago and Cook County Illinois rallied on Saturday, September 5, 2014 in East Dundee, IL to support the Automobile Mechanics Local 701 members on strike at Piemonte Chevrolet.