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Tuesday, August 5,  2003

Democratic Forum Targets Worker Issues
The Democratic presidential candidates focus on working family issues---jobs and the economy, health care, retirement security and workers’ right to join unions---during tonight’s nationally televised event in Chicago.

The AFL-CIO Working Families Presidential Forum will be broadcast live by C-SPAN beginning at 8 p.m. EDT. The forum features questions from working men and women on critical issues, Earlier this summer, the nine Democrats seeking the White House and President Bush were invited to answer a detailed AFL-CIO questionnaire on working family issues.

Seven of the nine Democrats responded to the request, Bush did not respond to the questionnaire and declined an invitation to appear before the AFL-CIO’s Executive Council meeting this week or at any other time this summer in the nation’s capital. The presidential forum is being held in conjunction with the Council session. The candidate’s answers to the questionnaire may be found at www.aflcio.org/candidates2004.

President Tom Buffenbarger represents the IAM at the Council sessions, which will examine legislative strategy and priorities, organizing initiatives and campaigns, mobilization efforts for next year’s elections and ways to boost the economy and create jobs.

FAA Bill Jeopardizes Jobs and Security
A House and Senate Conference committee last week made changes to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reauthorization bill that, if passed, would dramatically jeopardize air safety and security while also allowing foreign cargo airlines expanded access to U.S. markets.

"The bill was created by Republican House and Senate leaders without any debate or on-the-record vote," said IAM General Vice President Robert Roach, Jr. "This compromise bill contains items that were already defeated in both House and Senate versions of the bill."

Provisions of the bill include: privatization of our nation’s air traffic control system; making airline anti-terrorism training for cabin crew members voluntary; and allowing foreign cargo airlines to service point-to-point markets within the United States.

"It is absurd to allow airlines to opt out of training Flight Attendants to deal with terrorists while the government is issuing warnings that additional hijackings may occur," said Roach. "It is an unfortunate fact that unless airlines are mandated to take action regarding security, they too often won’t act. This country cannot afford another 9-11."

"Permitting foreign airlines to operate within the United States threatens every airline job in this country," said Roach. "Foreign airlines are often supported by their governments, and allowing them this unprecedented access would severely damage an already crumbling U.S. airline industry."

IAM members are being asked to contact Congress and demand the FAA reauthorization bill either be fixed or defeated. To send a message to your legislators, go to the “Action Alert” section of www.goiam.org or click on this link: "Tell Congress to Fix FAA Reauthorization Bill."

Senate Endorses Unfair Trade Deals
Two more job-stealing trade deals whizzed through the Senate last week and more such legislation is waiting in the wings. The agreements with both Chile and Singapore continue the same flawed policies found in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and contain even weaker worker protections.

NAFTA cost U.S. workers more than 500,000 jobs since its passage in 1994, according to studies by the Economic Policy Institute. Although those jobs went to Mexico, the decent wages and benefits they offered got lost in transit. Mexico’s wages have dropped since that warped trade pact took effect.

Working families continue to oppose any similar trade legislation, including the Free Trade Area of Americas (FTAA), which would expand NAFTA throughout the Western Hemisphere. Worker activists are signing unofficial ballots showing their opposition to the trade deals and sending them to trade ministers who will meet in Miami later this year to discuss FTAA.

For more information and to download a ballot, visit www.aflcio.org/stopftaa.

Disaster Relief Fund Needs Help
Recent hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding and other disasters have wreaked havoc with many IAM members and their families across North America, reports Maria Cordone, who heads the union’s Community Services/Retirees Department.

“Our members have lost homes, jobs, cars…everything they own,” she said. “They need our help.” She urged members to send donations to the “IAM Disaster Relief Fund”, in care of GST Warren Mart, 9000 Machinists Place, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772. As quickly as the funds are received, they will be distributed directly to families in need, Cordone said. For additional information, she may be reached at 301-967-3433.


NLRB Quashes U-Haul Organizing Charges
The National Labor Relations Board rejected claims by U-Haul and cleared Local Lodge 845 of allegations it violated the law during an organizational campaign which resulted in a 47-25 vote in favor of IAM representation.

The company filed seven objections which alleged that the IAM made promises, harassed, intimated, forged documents, encouraged discrimination and engaged in illegal electioneering. During June hearings, U-Haul was unable to substantiate any of their allegations.

“This is a major victory for the workers at U-Haul,” said campaign organizer Macario Camorlinga, “We knew this was only a stall tactic by the employer.”

Winner of Harley Raffle Named
The winner of a raffle for a brand-new Harley-Davidson motorcycle was Charles Dockery of LL 2513, Fort Worth, Texas. Proceeds from the raffle go to defray costs for the 2004 Grand Lodge Convention to be held in Cincinnati, Ohio. “I would like to thank everyone for their participation,” said incoming GVP Lynn Tucker.

Industry Week Spotlights IAM HPWOs
The July 2003 edition of Industry Week profiles the IAMAW High Performance Work Organization Partnerships process. The article,
Nature vs. Nurture.  by Jill Jusko, examines the differences between the traditional adversarial approach and the HPWO partnership process. Two of the over 50 active HPWO partnerships are profiled in the article: Local Lodge 1720 & International Specialties Products, Calvert City, Kentucky; and Local Lodge 47 & Alcoa Packaging Machinery, Englewood, Colorado.

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