IAM News Feed

You can receive IAM News updates via RSS feeds. Click any of the buttons below to add the IAM News feed to your account:

You'll get IAM News updates right in your feed reader. If you don't have an account with any of the above newsreaders, please read the instructions below, or contact us.

RSS and Podcast Information and Set Up

New to RSS? RSS is just a way of getting the newest information delivered to you, rather than you spending precious time seeking it out.


There are a couple different places you can subscribe to subjects that are important to you. At the top of the page in each section, you will find an orange RSS button. Click on the orange button to subscribe to the content in that section.

In the right navigation bar next to each section heading, you will find both a subscribe by email button and an rss feed button. Click the red email button to receive updates via e-mail. Click the orange button to subscribe to the RSS feed. If you have an RSS Reader (a viewing window where your latest RSS feeds are displayed), you're done. If you don't, below is a list of quick, free, easy-to-install readers. Just click on one of these to get set up, then follow the above steps to get your RSS feeds.

For Windows PCs: FeedReader is free and easy to install.

For Macintosh: Shrook is a good choice. It is now free.

Web Based: BlogLines works in any standard browser and doesn't require you to install anything on your computer.

If you're prone to one of the major search sites, you could also use Google Reader or, if you are a Yahoo user, just install the RSS Headlines beta module and then add the websites you'd like to subscribe to into your "My Yahoo" page.

Once you've set up one of these newsreaders, you can cut and paste your URLS of choice into your reader to subscribe to their RSS feed.

The Easiest, By Far: Firefox is a secure, fast alternative to Internet Explorer. If you download and install it on your computer (works on a Mac or a PC, by the way), and visit this site, you'll see an orange-and-white 'RSS' button at the lower right-hand corner of the screen. Click that, and you're subscribed.

How to Embed the IAM News Widget on Any Page

The IAM News Widget will display the latest news from right on your homepage! Use the following code to embed the IAM News widget.

You can adjust the height and width of the widget to taste by modifying those properties.

IAM Google Gadget Installation

iGoogle Gadget Step 1

iGoogle Gadget Step 1

On the very right of the screen click the link that says Add Stuff »

iGoogle Gadget Step 2

iGoogle Gadget Step 2

At the bottom left of the screen click the link that says Add feed or gadget. Type into the box and click add.

iGoogle Gadget Step 3

iGoogle Gadget Step 3

The next time you go to your iGoogle homepage, you will see the widget.

IAM Facebook Application Installation

IAM Facebook Application Step 1

Facebook Application Step 1

Go to and click add to profile.

IAM Facebook Application Step 2

Facebook Application Step 2

A window will pop up. Click "Add"

IAM Facebook Application Step 3

Facebook Application Step 3

Go to your facebook Home Page. The application will appear on the right. Make Sure to click "Keep".