The IAM’s High Performance Work Organization Partnerships Department assists labor and management in the design and implementation of full partnerships at their workplaces.

When labor and management agree to implement joint workplace decision-making they save and create jobs and grow businesses thereby protecting employment in North America.

The HPWO Partnerships approach is different from employer-sponsored change attempts in which the union and its members did not help design, launch and implement programs in the past. Under the HPWO approach, labor and management, from the beginning, jointly create their partnership, which is specific to their workplace, and monitor its success over time.

The HPWO Department staff support the development of Partnerships in many ways. For example, they conduct site visits in order to introduce the HPWO Partnerships concept; train and educate employees as to their roles in the new work system; facilitate joint meetings; coordinate benchmarking visits to other partnership sites; and conduct week-long HPWO Partnerships schools at the Wiliam W. Winpisinger Center at Placid Harbor, as well as developing and delivering on-site education and training programs.

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For a summary of HPWO, click High Performance Work Organization (HPWO) Partnerships process.

The global market place affects the way companies, nations, and entire blocks of nations engage in international trade. These pressures also affect the way we work. That is why the IAM has developed an alternative process to traditional labor-management practices to help save and create jobs and grow workplaces where IAM members are employed.


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