Convention Delegate Voices: ‘Glad I Was Part of This Historic Debate’


This month’s 39th Grand Lodge Convention in Chicago brought together more than 1,200 democratically elected delegates from every part of the IAM. Through an anonymous survey they were asked what they thought were the best parts of the convention. Below are just a few of their comments.

“Constitutional changes and the unification. Inspiring new member delegates.”

“The speakers and the generosity of the delegates in supporting worthy causes and the feelings of good will and solidarity amongst the delegation.”

“I was happy to see so many people committed to grow and improve the life of working families and the middle class. The speakers were inspirational and have given me the desire to better my local lodge.”

“The best part to me was the sense of satisfaction I feel at the end of the day. Reflecting on the amount and high quality of business we accomplish each day is very rewarding.”

“Witnessing democracy in action! Meeting and networking with Brothers and Sisters from all across North America.”

“Speeches by Rev. Barber, Terry Melvin, Brother Trumka and Brother Rock Alley. The resolution on climate change was incredible. Glad I was part of this historic debate.”

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