Convention Delegate Voices: ‘An Honor and Privilege on a Personal Level’

Last week’s 39th Grand Lodge Convention in Chicago brought together more than 1,200 democratically elected delegates from every part of the IAM. Through an anonymous survey they were asked why they chose to attend. Below are just a few of their comments.

“I was nominated, then was elected by the membership. I saw that as an honor and privilege on a personal level. I wanted to see the parliamentary procedure on a grand scale in action and be able to go back and reaffirm to the members that one voice does matter.”

“I have always heard of the convention but was never fortunate enough to be a delegate. Now, I have seen firsthand how our IAM constitution has come about.”

“To be present and participate in a historic convention and help forge a new direction.”

“To have the opportunity to come represent the brothers and sisters from my local and to have a vote in what happens, and needs to happen, to keep moving this union forward.”

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