Canadian Labor and Women’s Groups call for a Reality Check

Yesterday, the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) along with other trade union and women’s organizations released “Reality Check: Women in Canada and the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action Fifteen Years On.”


According to Barbara Byers, CLC Executive Vice President, this report is to counter a report sent by Canada to the United Nations which, “paints a rosy picture on women’s equality in



This reality check is needed.  In a press release on the subject, Kate McInturff Executive Director of the Canadian Feminist Alliance For International Action (FAFIA) says, “Five years ago, Canada was ranked amongst the top ten countries in the world for its achievements in women’s human rights; in 2009 Canada has fallen to 73rd in the UN Gender Disparity Index.  Changes to gender architecture, shifts in policy and programming within the government, and the government’s response to the economic crisis have been felt by the most vulnerable women and girls in Canada.”


Canadian General Vice President has signed in agreement of this report on behalf of Canadian Machinists.


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