Young Machinists Brochures

Click here to view "All women have one thing in common - Power"

All Women Have One Thing in Common – Power

Strength in numbers isn’t just a saying, it’s a fact. Do you know how to grow your strength, your power? Check this out for some ideas.

Click here to view Aim High & Stay Together

Aim High & Stay Together

Solidarity isn’t just a catchphrase in the labor community it’s a quality that is essential for a strong labor community. Mutual help and support are by products of solidarity. Want to know more?

 Click here to view "It's not your granddaddy's union anymore"

It’s Not Your Granddaddy’s Union Anymore

How do you feel about changing the world, forever? Find ideas and resources available to grow and develop the Young Machinists movement in your area.

Live Life

Through education and activism you and your community develop and advance the necessary skills and attitudes to promote human rights – equality, dignity and respect. Start here to maximize your voice.


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