Title IX Anniversary

title ixOn June 23, 1972 Title IX was enacted into law which historically marked another step towards equality for women in education. Title IX prohibits discrimination based on sex in federally funded education and school programs. This law primarily affected athletic programs. Previously, no athletic scholarships, championship games or appropriate sport facilities were offered to females. Title IX did not require that equal funds were spent on women athletics versus male, but it did require programs to devote the same resources. Locker rooms, medical treatment, training, coaching, practice times and facilities, travel and per diem allowances, equipment, tutoring, recruitment and, especially scholarships were all resources that must be adequately provided for women’s athletic teams following Title IX. Since its enactment, women participation in athletics (for High School and College) has grown by a significant amount. It has also decreased the dropout rate of girls in high school and has encouraged more females to pursue higher education to receive a degree.