Women and Stress

On Average, 69% of Women report having unhealthy stress levels compared to only 58% of men. On a scale of 1-10, where one is the lowest and 10 is the highest, 46% of women reported average stress (level 4-7) and 23% reported maximum stress (level 8-10). Only 29% of women report having healthy stress levels (1-3) compared to 40% of men.

Stress factors that typically affect women more than men include emotional impact of relationship difficulties, balancing an overly demanding work/family schedule or pregnancy and hormone fluctuations. Long term, stress can adversely impact the health of both men and women, to include causing heart disease, a leading cause of death in women.

women  stress

Ways to manage stress include exercise and healthy eating, meditation, carve out down time and get proper regular amounts of sleep.