Job Corps Help Young Workers

job corpsJob Corps is a program designed to help young workers, between the ages of 16 and 24, attain experience to begin a career or advance to higher education. They offer technical training for more than 100 occupational areas, like advanced manufacturing, automotive and construction industries. Students that attend this program also receive academic training in areas like basic reading and math, GED attainment, college preparatory courses and courses to help language barrier students. Additional courses like independent living, employability skills and social skills courses are offered for students to transition into the workplace. Along with the many other courses, it is important to note that they provide career planning, on-the-job training, and  job placement. Jobs Corps is a live-in program where students stay or regularly commute to the campuses in placement of going to college or struggling in the workforce. So, they also offer residential housing, food service, driver education, health and dental care, a bi-weekly living allowance and clothing allowance. Childcare programs are also offered in some Job Corps centers for single parents.

 Job Corps sets young workers in a place to succeed in higher education or in a more advanced career. They are the stepping stone that should be utilized for all low-income young people to advance on the economic and social ladder. Job corps provides these outstanding resources for young people who qualify, for free and therefore provides them with a sense of future.

IAM-TCU partners with Job Corps at facilities nine facilities around the country. Many of the jobs students are training for are IAM represented occupations. The IAM has hosted students at several young worker events to experience solidarity and mentorship. To learn more about IAM TCU Job Corps consult the website

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