Job Corps Enrollment Freeze Lifted

Job Corps happily announced the lifting of the student enrollment suspension that began in January 2013. The suspension was a cost-saving measure implemented by the Department of Labor as a necessary step to ensure that Job Corps operates within its budget this year and in the future.

For students and potential students, this means Job Corps is now accepting applications for those interested in enrolling. If you were previously enrolled in Job Corps and left to receive medical treatment or were on standby to enter an Advanced Training program, you will receive first priority upon return. If you applied for Job Corps before the suspension, your application is still on file. All Applications are being reviewed once more and those will be contacted soon. Those applications will be processed first.

The Transportation Communications Union/IAM has contracted with the United States Department of Labor’s Job Corps to provide an Advanced Transportation program for our nation’s youth. Beginning with just two sites in 1971, TCU/IAM’s Training Services Department is now contracted to train 450 students nationwide at nine facilities.

 To learn more about enrolling in Job Corps, visit the TCU/IAM Job Corps website at