Unions Veterans Council

The purpose of the Union Veterans Council is to bring together union leaders and union members who are veterans to speak out on veterans’ issues and influence public policy to improve the quality of life for U.S. veterans and their families.  The two primary areas of focus for veterans are access to good jobs and access to quality health care.

The Union Veterans Council will hold government officials, candidates and elected officials accountable to the needs of military veterans and their families.  The UVC will make our positions on veterans’ issues known to candidates for public office and support the appointment of labor–friendly veterans to government agencies at all levels.  The UVC will also encourage union veterans to take leadership roles in other veterans’ organizations and will strive to form coalitions and alliances with other veteran groups around union veterans’ issues.

The Machinists Union support the UVC in ensuring veterans have a strong voice.

Learn more by visiting Union Veterans Council at their officials homepage.