Winter 2008
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IP Commentary

Pat Malonie examines parts before they are put on Boeing aircraft. Any primary processing defects, problems
with the metal or even the
smallest crack, Maloney is the one who needs to catch it.

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Each decade, thirty million kids enter American high schools. Only one in five will ever receive a college degree. The rest – about 24 million young Americans – will need solid SKILLS to earn enough to support their families, to have a fair shot at life. More >>>



h Historic Organizing Win in S.C.

Local 1245 members in Honolulu, HI, got an unusual opportunity to work with world-renowned marine artist Wyland on a design for an Aloha Airlines’ Boeing 737 that depicts endangered Pacific whales and dolphins.
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Organizing the entire workforce at a newly-opened factory is a significant victory no matter where it occurs.
Doing it in a state that frequently boasts the lowest unionization rate in the country is a coup of historic proportions. More >>>

Congressman Miller

a Unions Choose Hallowed Ground
Elections do make a ifference.
If your child’s college loan costs are now more ffordable or if someone you know working for minimum wage got a raise, you can thank House Committee on Education and Labor...
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Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., was 39 years old when he was felled by a sniper’s bullet while standing on the balcony of the Lorraine Hotel in Memphis, TN. Four ecades later, the event remains a touchstone for a nation still grappling with his life and legacy. More >>>
k TCU News f


As the year was winding
down, action in negotiations at Amtrak was picking up for TCU Carmen and ARASA Maintenance of Way and Maintenance of Equipment supervisors, as well as for members of the IAM and several other unions.

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Airline managers, supervisors
and senior executives regularly
hold teleconferences to discuss labor relations. The IAM goes one better, giving its district and local representatives the opportunity to do the same thing, face to face. More >>>

b Aerospace Union Sportsman

The long-running process to choose the next generation of Air Force refueling tankers is ready for final approach as the Air Force will soon decide who will build the new tanker. The Air Force must replace its aging KC-135 and KC-10 fleet and is under pressure by the Defense Department to...
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For nearly five decades, the IAM National Pension Fund’s National Pension Plan has been rotecting the retirement financial security of IAM members and their families. How? Through responsible investing and management, and powerful asset growth, year after year... More >>>

IAM Photo Contest

The IAM is holding its annual
member-only photography contest and you are encouraged to enter. TCU members can also enter the contest. You can download a contest entry form by going to
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