DynCorp Technical Services: Tyndall Air Force Base, Panama City, Florida;
Eglin Air Force Base, Fort Walton, Florida

In September 2003, the IAM reached a first agreement with DynCorp Technical Services at Florida-based Tyndall Air Force Base and Eglin Air Force base. The contract was ratified by an overwhelming majority. The following is a summary of the new collective bargaining agreement:

  • 3 Year Agreements effective 30 August 2003

  • 4% General Wage Increase the first year, 3.5% in the second year and 3% third year.

  • Across the board wage adjustments of $2.36 per hour for all classifications to increase from AWD rates applied prior to the first year GWI

  • Reduced employee cost for health care 45% the first year and additionally approximately 10% for each of the two remaining years

  • Elective Opt Out provisions on Benefits for up to $2.36 per hour

  • 30 Paid Holidays over life of the agreement

  • 6 Paid Sick/Personal day per year

  • IAM Pension Plan Accepted at .20 1st year, .40 2nd year and .60 3rd year

  • Additional bonus pay on several duty performed issues

  • Agreement to offer the Machinists Custom Choices Worksite Benefits Programs

  • Vacation: 2 weeks for 5 years or less, 3 weeks for over 5 but less than 11 years and 4 week over 11 years

  • All time paid to count as time worked for overtime computation

  • Recognition and pay for Leadman duties

  • Agreement for Company paid for and supplied uniforms at Eglin unit and a Uniform Allowance and Maintenance Fee for the Tyndall unit

  • Agreements to allow employees to wear Union Logo shirts as part of their uniforms

  • New Technology Agreements securing coverage of new task being scheduled for Tyndall

  • Standard IAM language provisions covering:

  • Recognition

    Rights Of Management

    Union Security & Agency Shop w/Dues Check off

    Seniority Application

    Union Stewards and Union Representation

    Grievance and Arbitration Procedure

    No Strike and No Lockouts Provision

    Hours & Days of work

    Job Descriptions

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