Lockheed Martin AeroParts Company

On Thursday, May 12, 2005 Local Lodge 2171 in Johnstown PA concluded negotiations with Lockheed Martin AeroParts Company.

A meeting was scheduled and held on Friday May 13, 2005 for the membership to vote their decision on ratification action. The results of those meetings are as follows: 64.4% voted to accept the contract; 35.6 voted to reject.

    The following highlights are provided for your review: 

    • 3 Year Agreement effective 14 May 2005 through 16 May 2008
    • 4% General Wage Increase the first year and 3% in the second and third year
    • All GWI's applied to all minimum and maximum rates
    • $1500.00 ratification bonus to be paid after ratification
    • Increased Capital Accumulation Plan from $150.00 quarterly to $175.00
    • Increased Basic Life Insurance coverage from $20K to $24K
    • Increased Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage from $20K to $24K
    • Increased 401k match amount of 50% up to $42.00 to 50% up to $51.00
    • Increased Short Term Disability benefit from $240.00 weekly to $280.00 weekly
    • Weekly Employee Medical Contributions capped at 8% of premium cost
    • Three Tier Prescription Drug Plan with 10% up to $10, 30% up to $20 and 50% up to $50 max co-pays. Mail order @ 90 day supply for 2 month cost.
    • New Healthcare language to attempt to secure additional medical plans
    • Additional new areas of improvement in contract language.