Commentary from 
IP Tom Buffenbarger

In this IAM Journal, we honor our members Marianne MacFarlane and Jesus  Sanchez who were murdered on September 11, Their loved ones, friends and coworkers still grieve. And no one can read their stories without a heavy heart and a rising sense of anger. Now, we must channel that anger

Like a dividing highway, we face two distinct routes.

One route leads to war. A massive military build-up will reduce to rubble the terrorist camps in a region bounded by Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. We seek not simply justice, we seek vengeance, pure and complete.

The second route leads to an economic rebound. An equally massive effort will be needed to rebuild America's economic infrastructure. We will revive the manufacturing sector decimated last year and the air transport industry crippled last month.

members of our union because of where they work may focus on one route. Others will focus on the other. But we will pursue our twin objectives-peace and prosperity-at the same time and with the same intensity.

Ultimately, we will triumph . . . for United We Stand!