iMail Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Labor Sends its Troops to Boston

Joe Greaser - North Carolina
DBR District 110
“Sen. Edwards brings a lot to the ticket. And if you look at what’s at stake for union members in this election, you have to agree this truly is the election of a lifetime.”

Cecilia Blackwell – Kansas
Local 774
“This is my 5th convention and a lot has changed. It’s been a long time since candidates were selected at a convention. But hopefully, the delegates will come away with enough energy and enthusiasm to keep them going all the way to Election Day.”

Shirley Black – Connecticut
District 26
“I think the media coverage of the convention will get people more interested and more involved. And I sincerely hope it will.”

Pat Lehman – Kansas
Grand Lodge Representative
“This convention is an opportunity to introduce Sen. Kerry to the country and to the world. I believe they still serve an important purpose.”

Lori Pelletier – Connecticut
District 26
“So many good jobs have disappeared in the last four years. People are just plain scared of what could happen next. No one can say they don’t have a good reason to vote this time around.”

Walter Beeman – Texas
District 776
“Four more years without a change in Washington will be very hard on union members. It will be gloves off and no holding back.”

Sedonia Alford – Texas
Local 776 A
“You can feel the energy here on the convention floor. I also hope there is a place for Rep. Gephardt in a Kerry administration. I have such respect for him.”

Deana Womack – Georgia
Local 709 Retired
“Practically everyone I know has been unemployed during the past four years. It’s been very, very hard. No one has to tell me this is the most important election in a long time.”

Robin Eulo – Illinois
District 141
“Everyone here knows how important this election is. Now we need to let the rest of the country feel it too.”

Virginia Stogner – Texas
District 142
“This convention will mark the beginning of fierce campaigning by both sides. There will be no breaks and no days off for the side that wins. It’s as simple as that.”

Thomas A. Maynard - Tennessee
DBR District 711
“For me, it’s a privilege to be here. I’m really looking forward to Kerry’s acceptance speech. It’s an opportunity to inspire and motivate people all across the country.”

Dan LeBlanc – Virginia
Local 10
“Not so long ago, if you learned a trade and played by the rules, your job could last a lifetime. But that dream is disappearing fast. We need to wake up to what’s happening and take our country back before it’s too late.”

James Kraft – South Dakota
Local 862
“I’m very proud of the clear positions we’re fighting for in this campaign: good jobs and health care for working people. The emotional, wedge issues that are part of the other party’s campaign are why so many people feel this country is headed in the wrong direction.”

Linda Lanham – Washington
District 751
“There are so many issues that need to be addressed, but for us it’s all about jobs. This is my fourth convention as a delegate and the difference in Boston is the energy level among the delegates. We’re unified and more determined than ever to come through for our members and our candidate.”

Wayne Sherman – Florida
Local 731
“The difference I see between Kerry supporters and Bush supporters is that Kerry’s people come from the real world. They’re community activists and they’re working people. The president and his administration had four years to connect with us and it just never happened.”

Maria Cordone – Maryland
Director, IAM Retiree & Communitee Services Dept.
“The retirees at this convention are as focused and determined as any constituency group I’ve ever seen. They know what can be lost or won on Election Day. They’re not about to sit by and watch things disappear that they spent a lifetime working to achieve.”

Melvin Montford – North Carolina
Local W 369
“I’ve heard speakers talking about jobs, health insurance and the economy with real enthusiasm and passion. Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barak Obama were very impressive. And after hearing Teresa Kerry, I think she would make an outstanding First Lady.”

Teresa Davis - Alabama
Local 2766
“All week long, there have been terrific events here in Boston to honor our veterans. The level of respect they are being shown at this convention is spectacular. I was also so impressed by Ilana Wexler, the 13-year old who spoke on Thursday. She reminded me of my own daughter.”

Terry Taylor - Louisiana
Local 470
“It’s obvious from speeches we’ve heard at the convention that jobs and health care are emerging as national issues in this campaign. Some families are facing premiums of $1000 a month. We also have to do something about the jobs lost to outsourcing. Some companies are adopting some really bad practices just to survive.”

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