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GVP Transportation
Robert Roach, Jr.

Friday, March 30, 2001

Take This Job and ‘Ticket! 
Hard working customer service agents, ramp service workers and reservations employees at United Airlines marched outside airports and ticket offices across the country on March 28, calling for an end to the 15-month old contract talks with United.

In Chicago, IP Tom Buffenbarger and the entire IAM Executive Council joined with hundreds of United workers for an horn-honking, foot-stomping airport rally that found a high level of support from arriving and departing passengers. 

“Crowded flights, long delays and cancellations are in the headlines every day,” said Randy Canale, District 141 president and lead negotiator for more than 30,000 United Airlines employees. “Our members are working at maximum capacity and still the problems exist. We want passengers to know we are calling for adequate staffing and realistic flight schedules along with the pay, benefits and job security our members deserve.”

“Passengers look to our members for answers when their travel plans go awry,” said Buffenbarger. “Airlines, including United, blame headwinds, tailwinds, bad weather and their own employees for delays. It’s time for us to set the record straight.”

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GLR Winkler Named to ITF Post
IAM Transportation GLR Carla Winkler has been named Chairperson of a key aviation committee of the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF). The ITF represents more than 4,000,000 members globally and the IAM is the largest union in the ITF’s air transport section.

“The ITF is among the IAM’s largest affiliated organizations and we look forward to Carla’s input and feedback as Chairperson of the ITF Civil Aviation Section,” said IAM Transportation GVP Robert Roach Jr. “Zero tolerance for passenger rage, outsourcing aircraft repair to foreign countries, electronic monitoring and safety issues for airline workers are among the topics dealt with on a worldwide basis by the ITF.” 

“I look forward to the challenge of this position,” said Winkler. “Airlines have world-wide alliances and the unions need their own alliances to deal with the impact of globalization on union members around the world.”

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IAM Fights For TWA Flight Attendants’ Rights
“Be advised that if APFA (Association of Professional Flight Attendants) goes forward with its announced plan to discriminate against TWA Flight Attendants by fencing them off from the rest of the American system while allowing American Flight Attendants to displace them and, thereafter, in effect place them at the bottom of the American Airlines’ seniority list, we will take all legal measures against you, your Board of Directors as individuals and your organization to prevent this gross injustice,” wrote GVP Robert Roach Jr. in a blistering letter to John Ward, president of the non-affiliated association representing flight attendants at American Airlines.

Roach appeared before the APFA Board of Directors on March 19 to urge APFA to agree to fair and equitable integration of seniority of TWA and American Flight Attendants. Four thousand TWA flight attendants are slated to join the ranks of American Airlines flight attendants upon completion of the TWA acquisition by American.

“If it is the intention of the APFA and its Board of Directors to test the resolve of the IAMAW in its quest to fulfill its legal and moral obligation to the TWA Flight Attendants, you will find that we are prepared to meet the challenge,” said Roach, who urged the association to avoid a “…long and contentious legal battle that will leave you, your Board of Directors and your organization liable for the damages incurred by the TWA Flight Attendants.”

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Carpenter’s Union Leaves AFL-CIO
The 300,000-member Carpenters Union broke away from the AFL-CIO. Federation President John Sweeney said the move was a loss for the Carpenters Union and the labor movement.

“I believe we have an important and mutually beneficial relationship, and that today’s unions need to be unified to provide a strong voice for Carpenters members, other union members and all working families,” Sweeney said. The AFL-CIO is a voluntary federation of 65 unions, with more than 13 million members.

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Don’t Pick Pictsweet Mushrooms
Pictsweet Mushrooms and Frozen Vegetables, a subsidiary of United Foods, has been added to the AFL-CIO’s nationwide boycott list at the request of the United Farm Workers Union (UFW). The union reports that Pictsweet workers have been harassed and intimidated by company supervisors urging them to support decertification efforts.

Union activists are urged to contact Pizza Hut, one of the largest customers of Pictsweet mushrooms, and ask them to encourage Pictsweet to drop its resistance to the UFW and to bargain in good faith.

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Cordone Named to DNC Advisory Panel
The IAM’s Maria Cordone has been named vice-chair of the National Democratic Senior Coordinated Council. The panel is an advisory arm of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), she explained.

“Seniors are indeed a national resource and a critical constituency of the Democratic Party,” noted Terry McAuliffe, DNC chairman. “Democrats are going to fight hard to protect Medicare and Social Security from cuts and fundamental changes. By working with you and other leaders in the seniors community across the United States, we will win the fights ahead.”
Cordone directs the IAM Retirees and Community Services Department.

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