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LL1988 have been on strike at Illinois Forge in Rock Falls, IL since last June and not one IAM member has crossed the
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Tuesday, April 3, 2001

IAM Wins Voting Rights at AeroMexico
The IAM Legal Department turned back a last-minute lawsuit by management at AeroMexico Airlines seeking to block a union election for U.S.-based Passenger Service employees of the Mexican national airline.

The decision by a Texas federal court to deny the company an election-stopping injunction clears the way for ballots to go out immediately for approximately 130 airline workers hoping to win IAM representation. This election marks the second round of voting in less than a year at AeroMexico, where findings of carrier interference led the National Mediation Board to void the initial election results and call for a new round of voting.

“Carrier interference is against the law,” said Transportation GVP Robert Roach, Jr. “Employees have a right to choose union representation without being harassed, intimidated or forced to attend mandatory anti-union meetings. This is an important victory for those employees who refused to give up their rights.”

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Raider Organization Files for UAL Mechanics 
The so-called ‘fraternal association’ known as AMFA (Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association) filed authorization cards with the National Mediation Board (NMB) in an effort to bring about an election for approximately 15,000 Mechanic and Related employees at United Airlines.

The NMB will conduct an investigation to determine if the raiders filed the required 50 percent (plus one) valid authorization cards signed during the past 12 months. 

“It is unfortunate this group with its track record of disrupting contract negotiations is attempting to delay the collective bargaining process at United,” said GVP Robert Roach, Jr. “ Obviously, the welfare of union members at United is less important to them than their selfish, self-serving ambitions.” The targeted group is not limited to aircraft mechanics. Included are Utility personnel who are deeply suspicious of the self-described craft organization that sought repeatedly in the past to remove cleaners from their bargaining unit.

“Regardless of any distraction, the IAM will negotiate aggressively on behalf of every IAM member at United Airlines,” said Roach. “The agreements we reach will clearly show the value of IAM representation.”

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Canadian Workers Win ‘Richest’ Plant Closing Pact
IAM negotiators won what is believed to be the richest plant-closing package in Ontario’s history, winning pension and benefit improvements totaling more than $128 million for the 1,084 workers at Visteon Canada Inc. The Toronto-based auto parts manufacturer is scheduled to close over the next 18 months, noted Canadian GVP Dave Ritchie.

"I am tremendously proud of our local union people who have worked literally around the clock to secure this agreement and ease the nightmare of economic insecurity amongst our members,” Ritchie said. 

The unprecedented settlement means that any worker aged 55 or older will be eligible for pension benefits with no minimum years of service requirement. Other pension benefits are pro-rated, with workers retaining full healthcare benefits—including prescription drugs, dental and vision care.

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Georgia Ironworks Forges Union Ties
Production workers at the Georgia Ironworks facility in Groveton, GA, said “Union, Yes” and cast their votes for IAM representation in a recent election. The 95 new members united with more than 30 maintenance workers who have enjoyed IAM benefits for more than 50 years. Workers cited a need for better benefits, a voice on the job and respect from management.

“The anti-union campaign was relentless and mean-spirited,” reported Bobby Sapp, the Southern Territory organizer who coordinated the campaign. The winning team beat back the best efforts of an anti-union law firm and stood strong until the victory was won, Sapp added. The new members will join IAM Local 713 in Augusta.

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AFL-CIO Marks Equal Pay Day
Despite a nine-year economic boom, working women and people of color are still battling wage disparities and pay discrimination on the job, points out Cheryl Eastburn, IAM Women’s Department director. The AFL-CIO’s Working Women Department launched a national grassroots campaign to draw attention to the inequities.

April 3, Equal Pay Day, symbolically marks the day this year when women’s median earnings for 2000 and 2001 catch up with what men earned last year. In hundreds of cities across the nation, the AFL-CIO, local unions, women’s, civil rights and community organizations will hold call-to-action events urging working women to contact their elected officials at federal and state levels and tell them to pass strong laws ensuring equal pay for an equal day’s work.

More than 5.5 million women belong to the AFL-CIO, making it the largest organization of working women in America. They share a common set of concerns that cut across occupations, industries, incomes and color lines.

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Varsel Named to FAA Advisory Panel
IAM staffer Jim Varsel joins the FAA’s newly established Aircraft Repair and Maintenance Advisory Committee. Varsel, the IAM’s assistant airline coordinator, was tapped to represent aviation mechanics labor organizations. The panel was setup to review issues relating to the use and oversight of aircraft and aviation component repair and maintenance facilities located within, or outside of, the United States. Varsel will be one of three labor reps on the 12-member committee.

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