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Tuesday,   May 1,  2001

Buffenbarger Lauds Bush on Missile Defense
“President George W. Bush got it exactly right. Now is the right time to press for a workable national missile defense. Now, while rogue nations seek to extend their missiles and terrorists try to buy weapons of mass destruction, is the time to prepare America’s defenses,” said IP Tom Buffenbarger. 

“More work must be done before we can deploy NMD,” Buffenbarger added. “We must press forward with a robust and realistic schedule of testing, one tied to the realities of engineering not the vagaries of international politics.”

“While America tests these complex systems, diplomats can wrestle with the all too obvious (and occasionally hidden) agendas of other nations. There will be time to revive and revise the ABM treaty. There will be time to negotiate reductions in the nuclear arsenals by the United States, the Russian Federation and the Peoples Republic of China,” explained Buffenbarger.

“But time is finite. Missile defense tests -- the unsuccessful ones and the successful ones -- cannot be held hostage to diplomacy or domestic politics. Those NMD tests must proceed with one unshakeable idea in mind: America can and will protect its cities most at risk, the cities on an arc from Anchorage to Los Angeles.”

More information is available at (click on the link “Bombs Bursting in Air and other stories from the Spring 2001 IAM Journal”).

IAM Wins at AeroMexico Airlines
One hundred and twenty five AeroMexico Passenger Service Employees won IAM representation in a mail ballot election that saw the Houston-based airline pull out all the stops in an effort to block the union election.

The win comes in the second round of voting for the U.S. based employees of the Mexican national airline. The results of a previous election were tossed out and a new election scheduled by the National Mediation Board (NMB) following numerous allegations of carrier interference. 

“The employees at AeroMexico and the IAM organizers who worked on this campaign never gave up,” said Robert Roach Jr., IAM Transportation vice president. “District 142 Chairperson Dora Cervantes deserves special credit for her work to make sure the worker’s right to vote was not denied.”

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Another Organizing Victory In Kansas City
The IAM Midwest Territory brought 15 new members into the IAM with an organizing victory on April 20, 2001 at L-3 Communications Link Simulation at Whiteman AFB, MO.

“It was dedication, hard work, and a strong in-house committee that carried the victory,” said Darrin Nedrow, IAM Midwest Territory Organizing Leader. Nedrow explained that the facility falls under the Service Contract Act and workers under the SCA have much to gain through union representation. “The main issues of concern to our new members were pension benefits and the right to union representation.” 

Midwest GVP Alex Bay congratulated Nedrow, DBR Sam Harrel and BR Joe Capra, both of Local 778 in Kansas City, MO. “We encourage them to keep up the great work,” said Bay.

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Retirees Conference Set October 24-27
The second annual IAM Retirees International Conference opens in Las Vegas with a full agenda, reports Maria Cordone, who heads the union’s Community Services and Retirees Department. This year’s event will be held at the Riviera Hotel October 24-27. The first such affair was “a huge success,” Cordone noted. She explained that the IAM works closely with the Alliance for Retired Americans, formerly known as the National Council of Senior Citizens, which is headed by former IP George Kourpias.

“Together, we form a strong lobby to advance senior and working family issues,” Cordone said. 

Participants are urged to register promptly. A discounted room rate is available for participants. For further details, contact the Community Services/Retirees Dept. at 301-967-3433.

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Legislative Conference Nears
The IAM Legislative Conference is just around the corner, reminds Rich Michalski, Legislative/Political Action director. The event is slated for May 13-17 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in the nation’s capital. Delegates will hear from a broad range of distinguished speakers from Capitol Hill. At the same time, delegates will have the opportunity to make the voices of working families heard as they meet with senators and members of Congress.

There is still time to make reservations for this important IAM conference, Michalski said. For additional information, call the Legislative/Political Action Dept. at 301-967-4575.

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Southern Territory Adds Staff
Special Representative George Fedo has been named the newest member of the Southern Territory and has been assigned to organizing responsibilities, reports GVP George Hooper. “Organizing is the lifeblood of the union,” Hooper said. “Fedo has proven he is a skilled organizer. I am delighted to have him on staff.”

Fedo held many union positions, including Local 2771 president, District delegate, president of the Wichita Falls Trade and Labor Council and VP of the Texas AFL-CIO District 9. He also served as an IAM apprentice organizer.

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