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Local 831 Strikers Picket Quaker Oats 
Strikers from LL 831 staged an informational picket at the annual stockholders' meeting in Chicago. 

The Rest of the Story
President Bush recently issued an executive order for companies doing business with the government about employees' rights and union membership. Only, he forgot some other very important employee rights. Read the Rest of the Story.

The IAM's Safety Department says we should be as careful at home as we are at work with dangerous chemicals and pesticides.

The AFL-CIO presents an interactive photo essay on the history of the labor movement. (A Flash Plug-in is required.)


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Wednesday, May 9,  2001

Unity, Planning Yield Hamilton Sundstrand Win 
With a whopping 95% margin, IAM members at UTC’s Hamilton Sundstrand division, Windsor Locks, CT ratified a new contract, capping months of innovative activity by workers and union leaders, alike. Solid gains from job security to general wage increases, were hammered out in lengthy bargaining sessions, sometimes attended by UAW and Teamster leaders from other UTC shops in a strong display of labor solidarity. 

One week before the vote, Connecticut Machinists held a first-ever “UTC Unions Summit,” drawing unionists from UTC plants across the U.S. and Canada. They rallied outside UTC’s annual stockholders' meeting, and held mass demonstrations led by IP Tom Buffenbarger, GVP Bob Thayer, and GVP Warren Mart.

But the bottom line was the unity of the IAM membership, District 91 DBR Jim Parent said: “Local 743 members convinced UTC they were prepared to walk over job security. That was the key to a major change in management’s attitude.” 

Highlights of the three-year contract include: General Wage Increases of 3.5%, 3.5% and 3%, and a 10% pension increase to $44 per-month per-year of service. Major advances in job security include: a joint committee to review work currently done by subcontractors (in the plant and at vendor shops), with the intent of returning work to the bargaining unit; joint assessment of any company plans to subcontract any work in the future; continued employment in all Windsor Locks facilities for the life of the contract; joint exploration of HPWO; and expanded skills training.

Parent said the wins reflect long-term, strategic planning by District 91, the Eastern Territory and the IAM Aerospace Department, and thanked IAM Aerospace Coordinator Gary Allen and GLR Kevin Pope for their hard work and support. 

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Helicopter Co. Employees Give IAM The Nod
Western Territory GVP Lee Pearson announced that 110 employees of the San Joaquin Helicopter Company voted overwhelmingly to join the IAM. The workers are responsible for maintaining and piloting the fire fighting tankers and helicopters used to combat fires in California. The organizing win came after months of stalling and confusion tactics applied by the company. In the end, the workers selected the IAM by nearly 80%. GVP Pearson noted the efforts of  District 725 Senior Organizer Rod Weigand and Western Territory staff GLR Charles Toby, GLR Gerry Greer, SR Steve Cooper and CR Kevin Cummings in the organizing victory.

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