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Monday, August 20, 2001
IAM Industrial Conference Cancelled
The IAM 2001 Industrial Conference scheduled for September 16-20 in Atlanta has been cancelled, reports GVP Bob Thayer. He noted that local and district lodges are deeply engaged in organizing new members, in addition to servicing current members.

“We felt this step was necessary due to the demands a full schedule of IAM conferences puts on every local and district lodge during the year,” Thayer said. “We fully expect to reschedule this important conference next year,” he added.

The Industrial Conference annually features a number of distinguished speakers, intensive workshops and sector meetings. The goal is to develop proactive strategic plans to guide delegates through negotiating, organizing and servicing activities.

Corporate Scofflaws at Taxpayer Expense
Federal rules that ensure taxpayer-funded projects are awarded to responsible contractors, not chronic lawbreakers are the newest targets of the Bush administration.  Efforts to water down these rules are being opposed by a coalition of groups representing working families, women, environmentalists, consumers and civil rights advocates. 

In just one year, 261 federal contractors with 5,121 violations of health and safety regulations among them received $38 billion in federal contracts. Breaking U.S. labor laws didn’t prevent 80 other firms getting $23 billion in taxpayer-financed projects. Companies that routinely flaunt consumer protection, worker protection, civil rights and environmental laws regularly receive lucrative federal contracts.

Corporations that habitually thumb their noses at our laws shouldn’t get a thumbs up from federal agencies. Let Congress know how you feel about this matter while they’re back home enjoying the August recess. Tell your senators and representatives to use some common sense and demand federal contractor responsibility. Make your voices heard. We can make a difference.

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