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Why did Local 171 go out on strike?

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The Fall edition of the IAM Journal focuses on the upcoming election on November 5, 2002―the issues, the candidates and how your vote can help put North America back on track.

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Winners of the 2002 IAM Photography Contest.

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Edward W. Griffith,
Local Lodge 2061
Rockledge, Florida, United Space Alliance
Ready for Blast Off
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Thursday,  October 31, 2002

Bush Slides in Polls
Republican strategists hoped President Bush’s soaring approval ratings would have a powerful coattail effect and bring GOP success in next week’s crucial congressional elections. Those hopes may have gone a-glimmering.

A series of new polls show eroding support for Bush and for his proposed military action against Iraq. The nonpartisan Pew Research Center poll found that 59 percent approved of the job Bush is doing as president, a high number, but his lowest score since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist strikes.

It remains to be seen how these findings may affect the voters next week. Similar polls find little change in how voters see the two parties. A majority has more faith in Republicans on the topic of terrorism and in the Democrats on saving Social Security and other pocketbook issues.

Even in Florida, where the president’s brother Jeb is struggling to hang onto his gubernatorial seat, presidential coattails seem most noticeable by their absence. Gov. Bush’s lead has shrunk to single-digit margins in most polls and Democrats cherish hopes of mounting an upset win in that crucial state.

Both the president and his brother, Jeb, may be vulnerable on economic issues. Since George Bush took the White House, 106,400 Floridians lost jobs, and 170,100 of the state’s workers are in danger of losing unemployment benefits. Florida workers have lost $7.2 billion in 401(k) benefits caused by a sagging stock market and corporate scams. The state’s pension fund lost $415 million to corporate shenanigans like Enron and WorldCom.

Remember, too, that President Bush inherited a federal budget surplus when he took office. He has since turned that into a massive deficit.

“Your votes are crucial,” said IP Tom Buffenbarger. “Don’t be fooled by slick political commercials and campaign rhetoric. Just check the record.”

Mondale Enters Senate Race
It’s official. Former Vice President Walter Mondale entered the Minnesota Senate race as a stand-in for the late incumbent Paul Wellstone. “I will be your voice, and I will be Paul Wellstone’s voice for decency and better lives,” Mondale told a cheering throng in his acceptance speech. He served 12 years in the Senate before serving as vice president with Jimmy Carter.

Polls show Mondale with a lead in the race against GOP hopeful Norm Coleman, a former St. Paul mayor who was also trailing Wellstone before he died in a tragic plane crash that also took the lives of his wife, daughter, three staff aides and the two pilots.

ARA Issues Voting Record on Senior Issues
Senior citizens have a valuable new resource for deciding how they may cast their votes in next week’s congressional election. The Alliance for Retired Americans (ARA) issued its Congressional Voting Record evaluating how members voted in the second session of the 107th Congress.

The record is based on 10 votes cast in the House and 10 votes in the Senate. Seniors are a critical voting bloc and always pay close attention to how their representatives vote on their issues, explained George J. Kourpias, Alliance president. “This is a concrete way to determine whether their representatives truly stood up for them or caved in to special interests,” he said. For details, visit www.retiredamericans.org.

District 15 Scores a Win
A total of 37 workers at Greenwich Terminals LLC in Philadelphia will become new members of IAM Local 447, thanks to District 15 organizers who mounted an intensive campaign to bring them union representation. GVP Warren Mart welcomed the new members and congratulated District 15 Area Director Mike Walsh, ADBR James Conigliaro, DBR John Scarfi and the entire organizing team “for a job well done.”

Funeral Held for Slain U.S. Diplomat
The flag-draped coffin bearing the remains of U.S. diplomat Laurence Foley came home this week as officials expanded their investigation of the killing of the highly regarded American diplomat.

Foley was serving as a senior official in the U.S. Agency for International Development in Jordan when he was shot from close range as he left his home near Amman.

A Boston native and distinguished Foreign Service official who began his career as a Peace Corp volunteer in 1965, Foley’s is also uncle to IAM District 38 Business Representative Jim Foley.

“The IAM extends condolences and prayers to Jim and his family,” said IP Tom Buffenbarger. “His uncle’s life time of public service will long serve as an inspiration to his friends, family and countrymen alike.”