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April 29, 2003
Congress Returns to Full Agenda
Buffenbarger Scorches Flawed Trade Pacts
Members Vote to End Lockheed Strike
Solemn Ceremony Marks Worker Memorial Day
Shareholders Target Boeing CEO Pay
Federal Employees Face Crackdown

Transportation Day of Action Set

April 24, 2003
IAM Wins Shareholder Rights at Raytheon
New Tool Available for IAM Communicators
Retirees Call for HMO Reform
Health Care v. Tax Cuts

Appeals Court Reverses Beck Notice Rule
Pressure Grows to Block Maytag Move
Pacific Rail Services Goes IAM

April 22, 2003
Machinists Target Corporate Greed
Despite Bush, Workers Win Pay Extension
Congress Recesses: Make Your Voice Heard
Local 701 Racks Up a Win

April 17, 2003
Workers Memorial Day Monday April 28
VP Cheney Reaps Rich Dividend
IAM Safety and Health Dept. Provides Latest SARS Information
NAFTA: The Sequel
Aerospace Conference Slated for Sept. 6-11
Dates Set for Women’s Conference and CLUW Convention
Help Fund Free Mammograms

April 15, 2003
Health Costs Prompt Lockheed Walkout
UAL To Vote April 29 On Tentative Pact
CEO Scam: Excessive Executive Pensions
Ontario Ministry Provides SARS Information

April 10, 2003
Five Tentative Agreements Reached at UAL
Unions Form Airline Mechanics Committee
Lockheed Machinists Ready to Strike
GE Contract Talks Open June 9
ISS Says Dump Former Enron Director
VP Ritchie Briefs Transport Committee
IAM Named to Hawaiian Air Creditors Panel
Cut-Off Looms for Legislative Conference

April 8, 2003
Jobs! Worth Fighting For
CBO Debunks Bush Tax Cut Claims
GOP House Re-Thinks Medicare Cuts
GE Under Fire for Anti-Union Bias
GOP Senator Slams Everyday Heroes
White House Targets Overtime Pay

April 3, 2003
Raytheon Workers Rally to Save Jobs
Congress Proposes Airline Worker Relief
IAM Wins Indianapolis Base Closing Dispute
Social Security Obits Premature
IAM Member Dies in Shipyard Fire
New Hampshire Workers Scuttle RTW
Chapman, Solomon In Grand Lodge Moves

April 1, 2003
War in Iraq Impacts Workers
Justice at Taylor Machine After 12 Years
New Chapter Begins for US Airways
Defense Offset Deals Cost U.S. Jobs
Organizing Wins in Missouri and Illinois

Airline Aid Proposals Ignore Workers, Again!
Urgent Need for Jobs Policy Now
Maryland Maintenance Workers Join IAM
Legislative Conference Deadline Looms