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April 29, 2004
Memorial Service Honors Fallen Friends
Workers Say Job Crisis Far From Over
CEO Pay Jumps Nine Percent in 2003
Bush Refuses to Protect U.S. Workers
Hamilton Sundstrand Contract Expires May 2
U.S. Gas Prices Hit Record High
Keeping NASAs Rails Rolling

April 27, 2004

Union Pride Featured at Show
Contract Countdown Continues at Boeing-St. Louis
New Study Shows Bush Tax Cut Just a Tax Shift
FDA Blocks Seniors Drug Bus
Senate Rejects Industry Friendly Asbestos Bill

April 22, 2004

Minnesotans Mobilize for Election Year Action
Connecticut Machinists Rally for Healthcare
IP Buffenbarger: We Must Rebuild U.S. Energy Systems
Local 2535 Member Wins $9,000 Settlement
U.S. Broadband Population Reaches 48 Million
Majority Supports Drug Re-importation

April 20, 2004

Bush Rewrites Overtime Regulations
US Airways CEO Resigns
Harley Riders Rally for Harley Workers
Power Ford Techs Say ‘IAM Yes’
Rising Trade Deficit Sinks Manufacturing Jobs
Organizing Win Brings Back IAM Members

April 15, 2004
IAM College Program Opens Doors
Pentagon Seeks to Repeal ‘Fly American’ Law
Survey: Swing Voters Will Decide Election
Asbestos Bill Would Aid Manufacturers
New District Scores Two Organizing Wins
Union Industries Show to Open April 23

April 13, 2004

Machinists Authorize Strike at Boeing-St. Louis
IRS Audits Up for Individuals, Down for Corporations
IAM Organizers Praise Las Vegas Auto Techs
Scholarship Committee Selects Winners
A Short Sighted Strategy for Boeing
Illinois Moves to Protect Overtime Rights

April 8, 2004

Pension Relief Bill Clears Congress
Air Transport Districts to Merge
Shipyard Workers Rip DoD Tactics
Precision Infrastructure Goes IAM
District 837 to Hold Strike Authorization Vote
Eastern Territory Brings in New Members

April 7, 2004
Special Action Alert to Save Airline Pensions

April 6, 2004
Act Now to Save Airline Pensions
Bush: Billions in Breaks for Job Exporters
Unions Vow to Keep Air Canada Flying
Southern Territory Hits a Double

April 1, 2004
Jobs Tour Arrives in Washington, DC
IAM Airport Screeners Win In Canada
Fear and Loathing at US Airways
Boeing Tanker Issue Sparks Action
Take the ‘Ask a Working Woman’ Survey