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April 28, 2005

New Names Added to IAM Worker Memorial
More Organizing Wins at Andrews AFB, Budget Rent-a-Car
Senate Starts Hearings On Social Security
Machinists Ratify Comair Pact
Love Mom, Not Wal-Mart
Gaylon Allen Named Southern Territory AA

April 26, 2005

Local 851 Members Picket Caterpillar in Joliet
IAM Leaders Denounce UAL Pension Deal
Governor Attends Wisconsin State Council Meeting
Social Security Rally Draws Thousands
Support the Employee Free Choice Act
Machinists to Vote Tentative Agreement at Comair

April 21, 2005

IAM Sues NMB Over Rail Negotiations
Pentagon Blocks DD(X) Shipyard Duel
Strike Vote Called at United Airlines
Machinists Fight Back at New Piper
Organizing Rights Bill Introduced in Congress
2005 Transportation Conference Returns to N.Y.C.

April 19, 2005

IAM Objects to UAL Request
Bankruptcy Bill Hurts Middle Class Families
Caterpillar Threatens American Jobs
April 19 is Equal Pay Day
Wall Street CEOs Push Bush Social Security Scam

April 14, 2005

U.S. Shipyard Fate Hangs in the Balance
The President's Propaganda Campaign
Machinists win Major Victory in Canada
Arbitration Win Confirms Members' Rights
Millions Call To Stop CAFTA
Last Call For Basic Web Development

April 13 , 2005

Call Now to Stop CAFTA

April 12 , 2005

Guaranteed Benefits to Disappear Under Bush Plan

Transportation Staff Meets with Secretary Mineta

Jobs Numbers Revised Downward

Legislation Targets China Currency Scam

Scholarship Committee Selects Winners
Last Call For Basic Editors Class



April 7 , 2005

Supreme Court is Ground Zero for Nuclear Option
NLRB Rules for IAM at AutoNation
IAM Legislative Dept. Holds Political Education Class
Pour a Cup of Union Made
Southern Territory Welcomes New Members
New Economic Report Tracks Manufacturing Jobs
Last Call For Basic Web Development

April 5 , 2005

Solidarity Pope Dies at 84
Social Security Trust Fund is Secure
First Agreement Telephone Co-Op
Wal-Mart Tries Damage Control
District 9 Signs New Members