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August 29, 2002
FMCS Stalls Strike at Boeing
Split Decision by Machinists at US Airways
United Airlines Makes New Proposals
Corporate Greed Exceeds Expectations
Labor Day Message from IP Buffenbarger
Worker Coalition Posts Oklahoma Win
Retiree Alliance Sets National Conference
Fire Fighters Chief Skewers Bush

August 27, 2002
Machinists Rally in Seattle, Wichita
US Airways Members Set to Vote
ITF Congress Hails ‘Global Solidarity’
UAL To Revise Offer to Unions, ATSB
Terrorists No Match for Union Power
Health Care Industry Led Lobby Pack

August 22, 2002
IAM Sounds Alarm at Aerospace Hearing
IAM Says Boeing Seeks a Strike
IAM, Southwest Open Contract Negotiations
Social Security: Still in the Cross-Hairs
Unions Stress Solidarity at Dow Facilities

August 20, 2002
IAM Seeks Mediation in Boeing Talks
IAM to sit on US Airways Bankruptcy Panel
Bush Veto Threatens WTC Site Workers
Social Security Celebrates 67th Birthday
Raytheon Workers Vote Union Voter
Registration Drive Gains Steam

August 15, 2002

  • IAM Tells Boeing: Re-Invest, Build 
  • IAM Backs United’s Loan Bid
  • Potlatch Picketers Stand Strong
  • Bush ‘Pep Rally’ Falls Flat
  • IAM Gains New Voice at DNC

  • August 13, 2002
  • US Airways Members to Vote on Restructuring Proposals
  • GOP Ducks Social Security Issue
  • Boeing Machinists Join Massive March for Longshore Workers
  • Local 1759 Plans ‘Hawgs for Dogs’ Ride

  • August 8, 2002
  • ‘Sir’ Greenspan Deserves Royal Flush
  • Unions Oppose Bush Threats in Dock Talks
  • United Airlines’ UK Union Meets With IAM
  • District 837 Machinist Wins Missouri Primary Race
  • Western Territory Marks “First” Contracts
  • Celebrate Union Label Week, Sept. 2-7
  • iMail Delivery Shifts to Thursday

    August 6, 2002
  • Boeing Workers In ‘Stand United’ Rally
  • Davis-Bacon is Latest Homeland Bill Target
  • Public Supports Stronger Amtrak
  • Machine Shop Win Highlights Diversity
  • New Contracts for Machinists at Tyndall AFB
  • IAM Communicators in Voter Registration Drive

    August 2, 2002
  • Stanley Surrenders; Company to Remain in U.S. 
  • Sparks Precede IAM-Boeing Talks
  • Senate Passes Fast Track, Paves Way for Super NAFTA
  • Machinists Seek Board Seat, Equity at US Airways
  • Consumer Confidence, Spending Down
  • ‘A-Plus’ Contract for IAM Members at DynPar