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August 31, 2004

Rat Patrol Hits Coldwater, Michigan
CEO Pay Soars at Top Outsourcing Firms
Kerry Talks Jobs With Union Members in Everett
Labor Aims to Reach One Million Union Homes
SFO Janitors Clean Up with IAM Victory
IAM Flight Attendants Geared for Negotiations
Memorial Fund Set for Lt. Anthony Santoriello
New Website Features Union Made Products

August 26, 2004

Cleland On Combat Mission
White House Hears IAM's UAL Pension Concerns
Member to Member Mobilization Set for Sept. 2
Bush Makes OSHA More "Business-Friendly"
Vegas Auto Dealer in Rat Flap
New Book On Outsourcing Slams U.S. Firms
Poverty Rate, Uninsured on the Rise

August 24, 2004

Workers Protest OT Regs Outside Labor Dept.
IAM Takes Pension Fight to Court
Report Shows Increased Outsourcing by States
Member’s Son Meets Kerry
Illinois Protects State Workers OT Rights

August 19, 2004

Galesburg Sues to Recover Maytag Tax Cuts
AFL-CIO Condemns Bush on Shipping Jobs Overseas
More Americans Favor Kerry on Economic Issues
District 98 BR Suffers Loss In Iraq
No Jobs, Less Pay
McKinnon Joins Western Territory Staff
IAM Mourns Retired GLR H.C. “Bubba” Summers

August 17, 2004

IAM, PBGC Oppose UAL Pension Scheme
More Employers Snubbing Vets
US Airways Seeks Pension Relief
Kerry Pushes for Drug Re-importation
District 110 Wins Under FLRA
Minnesota Hawgs For Dogs Raises A Million
Massachusetts List Corporate Freeloaders

August 12, 2004

A Random Act of Kindness
IAM Seeks Court Appointed Trustee at UAL
Boeing Continues To Explore Outsourcing
Iowa Machinist Featured on National News
Bush Budget Blamed for Record Deficit
Oil Hits Record High
Federal Reserve Raises Rates Again

August 10, 2004

Job Growth Lags Behind Bush Predictions
Comp Time Targets Overtime
30 Seconds Over UAL’s Tilton
Study: Wal-Mart Costing California Taxpayers
Boeing's 7E7 Poised to Cut Carriers’ Costs
Northwest Airlines Arbitration Update
TVA Cancels Offshoring Agreement

August 5, 2004

Layoffs Up, Income Down
OSHA Ordered to Release Injury Data
Brazil to Build U.S. Spy Plane
Decision Near on Freightways Settlement
Vance AFB Signs HPWO Agreement
Organizing Win for Auto Techs at Fury Motors
Service Contract Act Success at Dyncorp

August 3, 2004

Machinists, Cessna Open Negotiations
IAM Files Second Suit Against UAL Execs
Teresa Heinz Kerry Meets With Senior Caucus
Boeing Reports Profits Up On Defense Deals
Kerry and Edwards Release Campaign Book