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August 31, 2006
IAM Launches ‘RallyAround.Us’ Campaign
Buffenbarger Salutes Firefighters in Canada
Tell Congress to Fund the C-17 Program
Air Canada Arbitration Award Falls Short
IAM Hosts International Shipbuilding Conference

August 29, 2006
IAM Poised to Unveil Major Internet Campaign
Katrina’s Disastrous Anniversary
Machinists Welcome New US Airways Members
Enroll Now for Spanish Leadership I Course
Wal-Mart Apologist Links Critics to Terrorists
IAM Videos Worth Watching
Southern Territory Notches Organizing Wins

August 22, 2006
Kansas Hydraulics Plant to Remain Open
District 947 Organizes 516 Shipyard Workers
Machinists Unveil Airline Merger Team
Ft. Rucker Techs Win Big Improvements
After the Deluge: New York Machinists Return to Work
Pentagon to Penalize Non-union Units with NSPS Rules

August 17, 2006
Northwest Apologizes for Insulting Employees
District 190 Organizing Drive Leads to First Contract
Wal-Mart Stumping for Corporate-Friendly Republicans
Machinists At Freightliner Win Retraining Benefits
Vancouver Machinists Set to Strike at Vancouver Airport

August 15, 2006
Transportation Wins 900 US Airways Members
IAM Members Excel, TSA Falls Short
Two IAM Lodges Receive FMCS Grants
Working Women Sound Off in AFL-CIO Survey
DeLay Draws a Blank
IAM’s Flynn Appointed to Maritime Safety Committee


August 10, 2006
IAM Responds to Transportation Threat
Union Coalition Organizing at Universal Studios
Machinists Applaud Lamont Victory in Connecticut
K-Ply Machinists Win First Contract
Women’s Dept. Honors Activists for August
WWW Center Hosts Communicators Class
Add Your Cell Phone to ‘Do Not Call’ List

August 8, 2006

IAM Touts Governors in Chicago
US Airways Warned Over Merger Plans
NLRB Certifies IAM Victory at AK Steel
LCLLA Activists Meet in Wichita
Tennessee Machinists on Strike at Boeing
Senate Passes Pension Bill
Two Named to Midwest Territory Staff

August 3, 2006
Bush Picks Wal-Mart Attorney for Labor Board
IAM Files to Represent All Stock Clerks at US Airways
GOP Tax Breaks Bog Down Wage Bill
ITF Delegates Debate Global Organizing
Strike Mandate Secures Solid Agreement in Quebec
Energy Jobs Held Hostage in Connecticut
Massachusetts Defies GOP Gov on Minimum Wage

August 1, 2006
Talks Resume in Louisiana PPG Strike
GOP Moves to Kill Minimum Wage Hike
First Contract Saves Hundreds at California Ford Dealer
Local 1000 Member Wins $71,000 in Back Pay
Oil Firms Drowning in Profits
Take the Ask a Working Women Survey
Raises en Route for UPS Mechanics