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December 21, 2004
In the Company of Angels
The Summit to Sink Social Security
US Airways Judge to Rule Jan. 6
Three IAM Members Win Scholarships
Rumsfeld Plan Targets Unions, Government Workers

December 16, 2004

Retirees Confront US Airways Execs at Courthouse
Unions Oppose NMB Bid to Silence Safety Concerns
Federal Workers’ Free Speech Rights at Risk

GOP Prepares for ‘Nuclear Option’ over Judges
Author Thomas Frank Named ‘Working Class Hero’
Deficit Soars as Fed Boosts Interest Rate

December 14, 2004

IAM Wins $36.5 Million for Air Canada Members
Unique Website Aids Reynolds Organizing Drive
China Revokes Visas for Labor Leaders

GVP Ritchie Names Tremblay Special Representative
Wave of Imports Threaten U.S. Textile Industry

December 9, 2004

Take Action for US Airways’ Retirees
Another Bad Decision by Bush NLRB Appointees
‘Above and Beyond’ Plan is Beyond Belief

Major Retailers Block Effort to Protect U.S. Textile Jobs
Wal-Mart Spends $18 Billion on China Goods
Army Stops Halliburton Payment
Varsel to Retire as Airline Coordinator

December 7, 2004

November Job Growth Weaker Than Expected
‘What About My Pension?’
New Contract Takes Effect at Pratt & Whitney
Buffenbarger Demands Action on Impasse
Fatal Accident Claims Local 1947 Member
Dr. King Observance Set for Jan. 13-17
Give Union Made Gifts for the Holidays

December 2, 2004

IAM Rally Brings Hundreds to Pratt & Whitney
Electrolux Move Puts U.S. Workers on Ice
Judge Hears US Airways Bid to Gut Labor Pacts
Wal-Mart’s Favorite Union
FTAA Protest Should Not be Forgotten
Blast In China Traps, Kills Mine Workers
New Video Format Makes Viewing Easier