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February 26, 2004
Dream Stealer Strikes Again
Senators United in Concern for UAL Retirees

Rail Campaign Gains Key Supporter

IAM and Air Canada in Pension Accord
Desert Toyota Ordered to Bargain
IAM Mourns GLR Steve Cooke

Local 2777 Wins Big Arbitration Case

February 24, 2004
IAM Journal Paints ‘Black & Bruised’ America
Organizers Cheer Twin Victories at U-Haul
Defense Dept. Launches Union Busting Campaign
IAM Retirees Win Examiner in UAL Case
Seniors Strategize at IAM Headquarters

From the ‘Ketchup is a Vegetable’ Dept.

February 19, 2004
Kerry Wins AFL-CIO Endorsement
Bush on Jobs: Read My Lips?
Machinists Donate $100K to Supermarket Strikers
Machinists File Appeal in US Airways Case
Polls Confirm JOBS! is Issue #1
CBS Pulls GOP Medicare Commercial

February 17, 2004
IAM Endorses Sen. Kerry for President
Trade Deficit Soars to Record $489 Billion
Homeland Security Workers Under Attack
Rail Workers Urge Congress to Act
Hawaiian Airlines Braces for Reorganization
Food for Thoughtlessness

February 12, 2004
Bush Gives Back of the Hand to U.S. Workers
IAM Seeks Inquiry Over UAL Benefits Ploy
Air Canada Members Battle to Save Pensions
Economists Reject GOP Jobs Predictions
Fax Your MP for Once in a Lifetime Bill

February 10, 2004
Millions Set to Lose Jobless Benefits
Arbitrator Orders $100K in Back Pay
Michigan Auto Dealer Goes IAM
Alliance Slams Misleading Medicare Ads
Charges Added to Wal-Mart Lawsuit
Make Plans to Help IAM Rail Workers

February 5, 2004
House Passes Unemployment Extension
Local 701 Hosts 4th Annual Pit Crew Competition
IAM to Appeal Airbus Outsourcing Decision
UAL V.P. Threatens Retirees
Canadian Call Workers Say ‘IAM Oui’

February 3,  2004
Machinists Mobilize for Rail Negotiations
IP Addresses National Planning Committee

IAM Stands With California Grocery Workers
Bush’s Budget: Blind Man Bluffing
Veterans Victimized by Overtime Assault