February 1, 2007
Machinists Slam Harley ‘Betrayal’
District 751 Member Wins ‘Trip of a Lifetime’
Bush Pitches Fast Track Renewal
Colorado Set to Remove Organizing Barrier
Oil Giant Racks up Record Profits

February 6, 2007
Lockout Shuts Down Harley-Davidson
New Contract for New Members in Georgia
It Pays to Belong in New Mexico
The History of Black History Month
Day of Action Shirts Available
2007 IAM Legislative Conference
Molly Ivins, Born to Raise Hell

February 8, 2007
Federal Workers Take Aim at NSPS
Manufacturing Jobs Continue Decline
Local 2191 Ratifies Pact, Ends Strike
February Sisters of the Month
Adams County proposed contract with EMTs is DOA

February 13, 2007
Negotiations to Resume with Harley-Davidson
House Lawmakers Introduce Employee Free Choice Act
Legislation Gives Oregon Log Truckers Bargaining Rights
Trade Deficit under Bush Hits $3.37 Trillion
Last Call to Enroll for Basic Newsletter Course

February 15, 2007
Machinists Strike Tennessee Muffler Maker
White House Vows to Oppose Employee Free Choice Act
Register Now for IAM Aerospace Conference
Local 701 Sponsors “Chi-Town” Pit Crew Competition
Ohio Local 1628 Secures TAA Funds
Penske Workers in Michigan Vote to Join IAM
Colorado Governor Vetoes Union Rights Bill

February 20 , 2007

Harley Workers in PA to Vote on Accord
‘Hire a Hero’ Aims to Link Vets with Aviation Jobs
IAM Backs Stronger FMLA Protections
Watch Wrench Wizards Compete for Top Honors
Budget Ploy Threatens NASA Workers

February 22 , 2007
Machinists at Harley Ratify New Contract
Beno Named to IAM Law Committee
Missouri Members at RTI Tradco Ratify New Contract
Canadian Agreements Provide Significant Wage Boosts
Airport Screeners Closer to Collective Bargaining Rights
Eastern Territory Appoints New Education Rep.
Enrollment Open for May Human Rights Class


February 27, 2007
IAM Sues US Airways over Bankruptcy Ploy
Swissport Canada Members Win First Agreement
Mexican Truckers Ready to Roll over US
House Set to Vote on Employee Free Choice Act
Gulf Coast Shipbuilders Weigh Contract Offer
Log Trucker Bill Introduced in Washington

Feb 28, 2007

Custom Bike for Guide Dogs
Goes on Display in Daytona Beach