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January 29, 2002
  • Vice President Cheney Stonewalls Congress on Enron Quest
  • Amtrak Expands High Speed Acela Service on East Coast
  • IAM, Bombardier Shrug Off WTO Ruling
  • Bush Packs NLRB With Anti-worker Picks
  • Senate To Vote on Stimulus Plan
  • Capobianco Notches 50-Years

January 25, 2002

  • Bush, Congress Face Full Agenda  
  • Right Wing Attacks Pay Raise at UAL
  • UAL Mechanics to Vote Feb. 12 
  • Unions Act to Block Amtrak Attack  
  • Corp Tax Goodies Draw WTO Fire
  • Truck Safety Plan Inches Ahead

January 22, 2002
  • PEB Recommends Wage Hike at UAL
  • Working Families Honor King
  • Workers Target World Economic Forum
  • Unfair Trade Policies Ravage Steel Industry

January 18, 2002

  • PEB Report Due January 19
  • Enron Tentacles Entangle Bush Team
  • GOP Demands Stall Stimulus Bill  
  • IAM Websites Take Top Awards
  • Labor Department Spares Women’s Bureau Regional Offices
  • Tinker AFB Flies Union Label
  • Food for Thought?

January 15, 2002

  • Labor Dept. Pick Draws Fire
  • IAM, UAL Go Back to Work
  • National Rail Talks Resume
  • Working Woman Survey Ends Feb.25
  • IAM Offers Sites to Locals, Districts
  • Fatal Accident at Boeing

January 11, 2002

  • PEB Rejects UAL Bid for Secret Hearings
  • Enron Scandal Threatens White House
  • Economic Stimulus Bill Ignores Workers
  • All in the Family
  • New Unemployment Claims Remain High

January 4, 2002
  • Rail Retirement Law Takes Effect
  • Dates Set For UAL PEB Hearings
  • Tell ’em To Torque Off
  • Unemployment Rate Rises Again
  • Bush Closes Women’s Bureau
  • Eastern Territory Racks Up Organizing Wins
  • Major Aerospace Contracts Up in 2002
  • Final Call For IAM Scholarship Contest