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January 31, 2003
ABC To Expose Maytag's Corporate Greed
The Big Lie About Free Trade

January 30, 2003
Machinists Host Jobs Policy Conference
Bush Budget: Check Record, NOT Rhetoric
NY Paper Supports Anti-Union Campaign
Agreement Ratified at Southwest Airlines
Fear Factor Rules at TSA

‘Boxgate’ Blunder Badgers Bush

January 28, 2003
‘State of the Union’ To Set Bush Agenda
Senate Overrules Labor on Layoff Data
The Next North American Expansion
Performance Pay Proposed for Fed Workers
DCA Employees Eligible for Assistance
Labor Loosens Lumber Logjam
Maytag Move Triggers Statewide Shockwave
Machinist Named to Lead Colorado AFL-CIO
IAM Sets “Open-Source” Union Project

January 23, 2003
IAM Pickets Face Riot Police, Gun Barrels
Help Save Amtrak Jobs
U.S. Mayors Demand Jobs Policy
Bush Policies Slash Jobs
Super Bowl Pizzas: Hold the Mushrooms
Social Security Under Fire
Ontario Machinists Refuse Fleet Offer

January 21, 2003
Congress Holds Key to Amtrak’s Future
Connecticut Machinists Elect Leaders
Respiratory Therapists Rally for Contract
GE Strike Signals Growing Crisis
Maine Drug Law Goes to Supreme Court
DOL Censors Union Newsletter

January 16, 2003
GE Striker Killed on Picket Line
Army’s ‘Third Wave’ Erodes U.S. Security
Bush ‘Ally’ Pans Tax Plan
Lockout Prompts Call for Coors Boycott
Southern Territory Notches Texas Win
Communications Conference in March

January 14, 2003
Federal Workers Denied Bargaining Rights
Maytag Move Stiffs Taxpayers, Workers
GE Strikers Protest Health Care Hike
Machinists Ratify US Airways Pacts
Unions To Coordinate Bargaining at UTC
Judge Orders Pay Cuts at UAL
IAM Mourns Anna Samick

January 9, 2003
Auto Mechanics Ratify Contract in Sault Ste. Marie
No News is Good News?
Union Victories Increased in 2002
Prescription Drug Benefit Tops Alliance Agenda
Health Care Board Names New Members
Howard Dean Receives Wellstone Award

January 7, 2003
Congress Urged to Act on Jobless Aid
Job Saving Pact Ratified in Spokane
Pratt Ordered to Halt Records Destruction
Rich Reap Rewards From Bush Plan
GE Grabs ‘Grinch’ Award
China Labor Activists Face Death Penalty
Eastern Territory Notches Organizing Wins

January 2, 2003
Unemployment Runs Out for Nearly 1 Million
SWA Vote Set For Month of January
Jobless Rate Jumps Says Labor Dept.
IAM Objects to UAL Temporary Pay Cut
January 10 Vote on US Airways Cuts
LL 49 Members Learn Lesson of Solidarity