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January 29, 2004
IMF Warns U.S. on Looming Deficits
Hat Trick Plus One for Local 701

Justice Prevails for Florida IAM Member
Sierra Legal Defense Fund Votes IAM
District 9 Organizers Win Two
Connecticut Machinists Host Speakers, Workshops

January 27, 2004
High Stakes in Safeway Strike
Bush Threatens to Veto Pension Bill

Apollo Project Aims for Job Growth
Vote for 2003 ‘Labor Website of the Year’
UTC Bows to Pressure on Executive Compensation
IAM Servicing Accord Reached for Canadian Unit

January 22, 2004
Seniors Fight Medicare Propaganda
Bush Vision at Odds With Reality

Passport Screening Speedup Unfair and Unsafe
Flight Attendants Win FAA Certification
Honda Dealership Organized by District Lodge 83
Local Lodge 1947 President in the News
District 55 Scores Two Organizing Wins

January 20, 2004
Machinists Celebrate Dr. King's Birthday
‘Wall of Shame’ Completes Tour of Iowa

Piedmont, Allegheny to Consolidate Operations
Union Members Not Welcome at DOL Forum
IAM Members at Oilgear Win First Agreement
AFL-CIO Union Industries Show Set For St. Louis

January 15, 2004
United Airlines Assaults Retiree Medical Benefits
Workers Welcome Traveling ‘Wall of Shame’
Local Lodge 63 Elects Dynamic Duo
Iraq Trade Union Arrests Prompt ICFTU Action

January 13, 2004
‘Wall of Shame’ Honors Jobless Americans

New Jobs Data Shows ‘Mission Unaccomplished’

Court Hears US Airways' Appeal
Alaska Negotiators Seek Mediation

January 8, 2004
IAM in Iowa to Make JOBS! Issue #1
Lou Dobbs CNN Series Targets Maytag
DOL Offers Employers Tips to Avoid OT
Texas GOP Guts Minority Voting Rights
District 12 Scores Organizing Win
Deadline Nears for Basic Editors' School

January 6, 2004
Judge Bars New Union Reporting Rules
Bush Tax Cuts Fail to Create Jobs
Loopholes Taint SEC Reform Plan
Airline Workers Call Rudeness #1 Stress Source
Consumer Debt Hits Record Levels