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January 25 , 2005
Air Force One Fuelers Vote IAM
Race Based Social Security Benefits?
Machinists at US Airways Ratify Contracts
IAM Files to Represent North Carolina Tobacco Workers
Take Action to Oppose Federal Tax on Rail Workers

January 18 , 2005

A ‘Crisis’ in the Making
DOD Decision Could Cut C130, F/A 22
IAM Calls for Transportation Summit
Texas Congressman Fights for Aerospace Jobs
U.S. Trade Deficit Continues To Rise
Local 701 To Host 5th Annual Chi-Town Teardown
Sleigh Named LERA President
Western Territory Honors
Organizing Excellence

January 13 , 2005

A Time to Remember a True Hero
U.S. Warned on China’s Aerospace Ambitions
Local 1720 Members Win Strike, Return To Work
Rail Workers Rally for Rights in Washington
Indiana Gov Cancels Contracts Covering 23,000
Express Latino Drivers Win First IAM Contract

January 11 , 2005

IAM Unveils Reform Strategy for AFL-CIO
IAM Members to Vote at US Airways
GOP Readies Flex-Time, Comp Time Bills
Emergency Relief Motion Buys Time at United
Jobless Claims Surge by 43,000

January 6 , 2005

IAM Donates $50,000 to Tsunami Relief Effort
IAM files for Election at Kansas Cessna Plant
EPI Issues Study on Social Security Proposals
Wal-Mart Elected “Grinch of the Year” for 2004
Jobless Claims Rise

January 4 , 2005

Down to the Wire at US Airways
PBGC to Take Over UAL Pilots Pension Plan
GOP Plan Would Cut Retiree Benefits
IAM Mourns Chisholm, Matsui