January 30, 2007
Texas District 776 DBR Pat Lane to Retire
Continental Flight Attendants Speak Out on Pensions
Firefighters, Guards Approve Pact with Bombardier
Enroll Now for Basic Women’s Training
White House to Monitor Federal Agencies
Senate Bill Seeks to Ban U.S. Sale of Sweatshop Products
Iowa Governor Signs Minimum Wage Bill

January 25, 2007
Machinists Address Pensions, Airline Management at Senate Merger Hearing
Board Issues Report at Metro-North Railroad
Senate Republicans Refuse to Give Low-Wage Workers a Raise
IAM to Honor Retiring Aerospace Coordinator
Communications Conference Reminder

January 23, 2007
Flight Attendants Vote on Pension Plan
Americans Dissatisfied With the “State of the Union”
Senate Committee to Examine Airline Mergers
Illinois Local 822 Welcomes Congressman Hare
Local Lodge 26 Back in Action
IAM Mourns Local 1529 President Eugene Campagna

January 18, 2007
IAM Wins Connecticut Court Ruling on Arbitration
Unions Sue to Protect Shipbuilding Jobs
With Friends Like These….
Persistence Pays Off in Canada Organizing Drive
Enroll Now for Financial Officers’ Seminar
House Cuts Student Loan Rates in Half
Strippit / LVD Employees Join IAM

January 16, 2007
Raytheon Members Win New Contract
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Honored in Houston
House Continues Action on Key Bills
IAM Joins in the Launch of Union Sportsmen’s Alliance
Fisher Appointed IAM Assistant Controller

January 11, 2007
House Passes Overdue Minimum Wage Hike
Blondin Named Aerospace Coordinator
Labor Celebrates Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
EPI Offers Alternative to Dead End Trade Policies
TSA Screeners About to Win Union Rights
Democrats Put ‘Labor’ Back in Labor Committee
Union Membership Up by 60,000 in Canada

January 9, 2007
Congress Poised to Act on Minimum Wage, Drug Prices
Raytheon Strikers Hold the Line
Ft. Sill Organizing Drive Shows Results
Deadline Draws Near for IAM Scholarship Competition
IAM Survey Examines Possible Airline Merger
New Year Brings New Members in Eastern Territory

January 4, 2007
‘100-Hour War’ Starts Today
Key Lawmaker Group Backs Transpo Day of Action
Women’s Department Honors Sister of the Month
How Free Trade Hurts
Enroll Now for Specialized Training Classes for Women

January 02, 2007
IAM Jobs Preserved in Kansas Raytheon Sale
Wagoner to Lead Winpisinger Center
Arizona Strikers Support Fire Victims
Big Win at Crown Cork and Seal
District 34 Negotiates Trio of Automotive Agreements
IAM Mourns Former GLR John McGrath