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July 29, 2004
Convention Speakers Deliver Positive Message
IAM Files Suit Against Top UAL Officers
Rights Group Features U-Haul Workers
IAM Members Work on Solar Car

July 27, 2004

Labor Sends its Troops to Boston
Machinists Condemn UAL Attack on Pensions
Senate Bill Delivers Hope for FedEx Workers
Eastern Territory Notches Organizing Wins
LCLAA Convention Set For August
Support Good Jobs-Union Label Week 2004
Last Call for Advanced Web & Advanced Editors' Schools

July 22, 2004

District 141 Conference Spotlights Pension Issues
Stop the DoD Steamroller
IAM Announces Transportation Activists Program
Army Turns to Outsourcing for Ammo
A Gov’t Website for the Homeless?
Unions Opposed to Postal ‘Reform’ Bill

July 20, 2004

IAM Journal Focuses on North America’s Might
IAM, Boeing Parlay in Chicago
First Agreement for Cedarcroft Workers
Bush Board Revokes Grad Students’ Organizing Rights
New Commercial Trucking Regulations Overturned
Hourly and Weekly Earnings Down
States Blinded to Offshoring Gambit

July 15, 2004
United Dodges Pension Payment
Six Million Face OT Pay Cut
Minnesota Guide Dogs Tourney Set for Aug. 9
IAM Backs New Rules on CEO Pay
Jobs, Economy Lead Voters Concerns
Last Call for 2004 Communications Classes
Metal Trades to Combat Union Busting Tactics

July 13, 2004

Unions Rally With IAM to Protest Non-Union Switch
FAA Fails to Close Security Loophole
Kerry Rips Chamber Chief Remarks
Bush Disses Blacks, Hispanics
Michigan GOP Boosts Nader in Cynical Move
54 Collins & Aikman Workers Go IAM

July 8, 2004

Freightliner Workers OK New Contract
Kerry, Edwards Campaign in Ohio
Medicare Probe Finds ‘Extraordinary Deception’
Act Now to Protect Overtime Rights
Republicans Block Union Organizing Bill
U.S., Canada Near Top in Annual Hours Worked
Survey Shows Job Growth Stalled

July 6, 2004

Edwards Tapped as VP Candidate
Defend Your Right to Organize
Chamber of Commerce Lauds Outsourcing
IAM Members Ratify New Contract with DynCorp
Job Growth Slows
District 110 Hosts Guide Dogs MC Run
IAM Mourns Organizer David Leibeck

July 1, 2004

NLRB Rejects AMFA Cessna Bid
V.P. Dick Cheney Gets an ‘F’
Bush Approval Hits Record Low
Kerry Refuses to Cross Picket Line
Fourth of July
Apollo Project Sponsors Energy Pledge
Health Insurance Decline