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July 25, 2006
Local 1529 Machinists Revive Flooded NY Factory
GrowJobsCT Wins $105,550 Grant
Gas Prices Rise to New High
AK Steel Lockout No Bargain for Shareholders
Voting Set to Begin for AEIF Workers
Gulfstream Flight Attendants Join IAM

July 20, 2006
Bush Pledges to Sign Voting Rights Act
Ralph Reed Reaps the Whirlwind
Simulator Techs at NWA Reach Tentative Accord
North Carolina ATT Workers Vote IAM
Maryland Lawmakers to Appeal Wal-Mart Ruling
Eastern Territory Scores Big Win in Pennsylvania
AK Steel Retirees Sue over Health Benefits

July 18, 2006
Mississippi Space Center Workers Vote to Join IAM
AEIF Members Rally Over Lockout
Machinists Ratify Alaska Airlines Pacts
IAM Inks Deals with Union Office Solutions
Applications Available for 2006 Human Rights Seminar
Voting Rights Act Renewed over GOP Objections

July 13, 2006
Nurses Threatened by ‘Kentucky River’ Rulings
House Weighs Voting Rights Act Renewal
Airline Reps Plan Strategy in Buffalo
IAM Women’s Dept Honors Breunig, Martin
Local 922 Ratifies New Agreements at ICP and Kraft
Medicare Part D: The Nightmare Continues
Voter Photo Requirement Blocked in Georgia

July 11, 2006
Democrats Debate the ‘Vision Thing’
Election Set for AK Steel in Ohio
Bush Board Aims to Outsource Amtrak
Oman Trade Bill Ignores Child Labor Violations
IAM Member Appointed to Key City Commission
Machinists Talk Pensions With PBGC

July 6, 2006
Be On the Lookout for AK ‘Scab Steel’
Florida Local 2061 Gives Discovery a Lift
Machinists Poised to Benefit from Spirit IPO
Missouri Job Corps Workers Vote IAM
NLRB Readies ‘Kentucky River’ Decisions
District 160 Exceeds Organizing Goal Again
Aviation High School Graduates Take Flight