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June 26, 2003
GE Contract Wins Support
Seniors Shun Sham Drug Bill

Speak Out on Bush Bid to Cut OT Pay

ATF Bargaining Rights in the Crosshairs

House Panel Approves $6 Billion for Amtrak

Rumsfeld Plan Threatens to Advance
Photo Contest Deadline is Monday

June 24, 2003
Voting Underway on GE Contract
White House Aims to Privatize Medicare

Pensions Secured in Air Canada Pact

Yellow Freight Mechanics Reach Accord

Airlines Drop Support for No-Strike Law

Welfare for the Wealthy
Online Calculator Details Prescription Costs

June 19, 2003
Progress Reported on Indy Base Plans
Electronic Advocacy Comes of Age
Bush Administration Targets Overtime
Bush Banks on Big Bucks
Machinists Picket Norfolk Southern
Workers Defense League Honors IP

June 17, 2003
IAM Reaches Tentative Agreement at GE
Senate Committee Okays Flawed Drug Bill
Machinists Tighten Aircraft Repair Standards
Labor Backs Energy Investment Program
AFL-CIO Unions Support IAM at UAL
GOP Puts Medicaid in Crosshairs
Minnesota Police Join IAM Team
Human Rights Seminar Dates Set
IAM Members Win Union Plus Scholarships
Photo Contest Deadline Nears

June 12, 2003
Health Costs Spark Heated Debate In GE Talks
Machinists Seek to Reopen Indy Base
Opposition Grows to Rumsfeld’s Attack on Federal Workers
Solidarity Marks Waukesha Picket Line
Local 737 Member to the Rescue
IAM Represents Labor on Health Panel

June 10, 2003
IAM Opens GE Talks
Medicare Reform Plan Has Flawed Drug Benefit
New IAM Department Offers Health Insurance
Unions Notch Overtime Win
EPI Study Slams Amtrak Privatization
Hooper Elected to Texas Labor-Management Hall of Fame
More Service Contract Act Wins for District 75
GOP Re-map Ploy Goes Awry

June 5, 2003

Machinists Rally for Contract at U-Haul
Senator Robert F. Kennedy Remembered
Labor Secretary Lauds Local 830
Transportation Conference Heats Up
Rumsfeld's Plan Moves Forward in Congress
Bush Tax Bill Dumps Children
Missouri Auto Tech's Vote IAM
Organizing Win Adds 83 in Illinois

June 3, 2003
2003 Transportation Conference Opens
House Bill Targets Overtime Pay
Job Losses Tied to Flawed Trade Pacts
State Workers Win 'Supreme' Victory
IAM Assists NTSB in Public Hearing
No Defense for Cyber Soldiers
Trustee to Oversee Hawaiian Restructuring