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June 29, 2004
Bush Board Downs UAL Loan Request
Local 1947 Ratifies New Pact with Mercury Marine
Kerry Talks Jobs in Ohio
Canada Firefighters Choose Machinists
Medicare Lobbying Overwhelms Lawmakers
Federal Court Blocks Media Deregulation
Labor 2004: Walking Tall
Outsourcing Continues to Plague Economy

June 24, 2004

Cessna Workers Vote to Authorize Strike
Local 1725 Member Dies in Heroic Rescue
U-Haul Campaign Moves Forward Despite Obstacles
Take a Walk; Make a Difference
States Struggle to Survive Jobs Recession
U.S. Job Quality Falls Dramatically
Wal-Mart Faces Massive Discrimination Suit
West Virginia Hosts Manufacturing Summit
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June 22, 2004

IAM Member Tells Senate About Job Losses
Lou Dobbs Reports on Defense Offsets
UAL Poised to Reapply for Loan Guarantee
Senate To Aid Workers Exposed to Hazardous Material
Consumer Confidence Hits New Low
Workers Vote to End Otis Strike in Germany
Democrats Fight for Jobs
Massachusetts Proposes Ban on Outsourcing
Bush Student Loan Plan Costs Americans $5,500

June 17, 2004
IAM Blast Space Exploration Commission Report
Contract Talks Open at New Piper Aircraft
Shoppers Miss American-Made Products
Millions are Uninsured
Aerospace Jobs In Decline

June 15, 2004

Border Patrol Agents Issues Outsourced Uniforms
Trade Deficit Soars Again
Weyerhaeuser Employees Ratify Four Year Agreement
Silicon Wafer Giant Must Recognize 120 New Machinists
IAM Welcomes new Montigo Del Ray Members

June 10, 2004

Machinists Rally at Northwest Airlines
UAL Retirees OK New Benefits
McCain Moves to Block Boeing Tanker Deal
International Unions Eye Global Threats
Lawsuits Mount Over Overtime Abuse
Confusion Marks Drug Card Debut
Time Magazine: Cheney Greased Contracts for Halliburton

June 8, 2004

IP Targets National Mediation Board at FMCS Conference
Unions Go All Out for Jobs, Health Care
Jobs and the Upside Down Economic Recovery
Japan Labor Union Visits IAM
General Motors Will Invest Over $3 Billion In China
Southern Territory Notches Organizing Wins
Cross, Hartford Named to Leadership Roles
Ken McCaw Wins Engineering Award
Tax Dollars Fund Wal-Mart Empire

June 3, 2004

Southern Territory Reports Organizing Wins
Ontario Workers Choose Machinists
‘The Other Side of Outsourcing’
Illinois Senate Candidate Backs Maytag Workers
Army Seeks Foreign Producers for U.S. Military Ammo
Working Women’s Survey Spotlights Top Concerns in 2004
Layoff Forecast Confirms Economic Weakness

June 1, 2004

Machinists at BIW Ratify New Contract
CAFTA Signing Condemned by Unions
A Nation Worth Fighting For
Gladstein Named to ERISA Advisory Council
Gore Assails Bush Record
‘Fair Trade’ Champion Set to Retire