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June 30, 2005
Senate Poised to Act on CAFTA
Continental Walks Out on Flight Attendants
Public Relations Puffery Clouds AFL-CIO Debate
NLRB Rules for IAM at AutoNation
July 1 is Day 1 for New IAM Website
IAM Leaders Among National Labor College Grads
House Rejects Cuts in Amtrak Funding

June 28, 2005

Members Vote for 'New Beginning' in Wichita
House Approves Pension Legislation
Local Lodge 141 Hosts Transportation Activist Training
IAM Family Member Wins Union Plus Scholarship
Oil Tops $60 a Barrel
President Bush: Union Buster

June 23, 2005

Midwest and Southern Territory Staff Conference Concludes
Rally to Support Federal Workers
Health Care Accountability Act Introduced
Southern Territory's AA Les Schroeder Retires
New Site to Tailor Pages to Members
IAM Constitution Available in Spanish

June 21, 2005

House Committee Starves Amtrak Funding
Members at UAL to Vote on Tentative Pact
CLUW Issues Membership Appeal
A Big Win in the Other Washington
Revamped Site to Feature Podcasts
Organizing Wins for Western Territory

June 17, 2005 - Special Edition

Urgent Notice About Improper National Security Personnel System Meetings

June 16, 2005
Support for President’s Social Security Plan Dropping
Report Slams FAA on Safety Oversight
May Job Numbers Show Slower Growth
Four Wins For Oklahoma
RSS Feeds Part of Website Relaunch
Farmers Cautioned About CAFTA Promises
Retired District Lodge 19 Officer Passes Away

June 14, 2005
IAM Releases ‘Candle’
IAM/Boeing Open Negotiations
IAM Transportation Conference Opens in New York
IAM Demanding New Negotiations with Onyx
Defense Department Delays NSPS Deadline
International Forum Opens Transportation Conference
New Website to Feature Google Search
IAM Photo Contest Deadline is Near

June 9 , 2005
Pensions, Health Care to Drive Raytheon Negotiations
Alaska Airlines is Off Course
GM To Cut 25,000 Jobs
Countdown to Transportation Conference, Day of Action
California Machinists Endorse Angelides for Governor
Revamped IAM Site Helps Members “Pick a Fight”
UTC Donates $38,000 to Guide Dogs of America

June 7 , 2005

Machinists Call for Long-Term Pension Reform
Illinois Local 822 Welcomes Rep. Lane Evans
Tragedy at National Airport
Defense Department Moves Closer to Final NSPS Rules
Online Pension Hearing Sparks Big Response
IAM Protests Unfair Layoffs at Northeast Cummins
Deadline Near for Advanced Web and Editor’s Classes

June 2 , 2005

Thousands Rally For Portsmouth Shipyard
Transportation Department Adds Staff to Service Members
Indiana Auto Techs Rally at Heart City
Fair Share for Health Care
Book Broadens Outsourcing Debate