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May 29, 2003
Transpo Symposium Has Global Ambitions
June 4 Rally to Support Defense Workers
Bombardier Commits to Wichita Jet Work
Tentative Accord Reached at Air Canada
District 751 Says: ‘We Can Do It!’
Local 778 Racks Up Service Contract Victory

May 27, 2003
Maytag Threatens Workers
Solidarity Key to GE Talks
Boeing Lands Tanker Jobs Deal
IAM to Host Int’l Transpo Symposium
President Bush Tops CLUW Hit List
March With Pride At Work in Chicago

May 22, 2003
Machinists Rally on Capitol Hill
Legislative Conference Closes on High Note
Stanley CEO to Resign, Strike Ends
Magic Mountain Members Ratify First Pact
Media Monopoly Threatens to Expand
GE Union Endorses Strike Action
Senate Leans on CEO Pay, Perks

May 20, 2003
IAM Legislative Conference Kicks Off
GVP Bay Calls for Ouster of Maytag CEO
IAM Makes Gains at Northrop Grumman
Grow Wichita Off to Flying Start
IAM Joins New “Beverly Hillbillies” Protest
LL 2515 Members Give Nod To Pact
Last Chance for Web Class
May 21 is ‘Day of Action’
Machinists Welcome Newest Rail Members

May 15, 2003
GOP Leaders Snub Jobless Workers
DeLay Ploy Splinters Texas Legislature
IAM Wins Limits on Foreign Repair Stations
Canadian Machinist Receives Chavez Award
Cyberlodge Draws Media Interest
Newsletter/Website Contest Opens
IAM Celebrates Asian Heritage Month

May 13, 2003
On Strike for Jobs at Stanley
GOP Tax Cuts: Check the Record, Can the Rhetoric
Unions to Rally Department of Labor
IAM Lobbies for Flight Attendant Certification
Working Women’s Awareness Week Marked
May 14 is National Call-In Day for Children
IAM Wins at U-Haul

May 08, 2003
IAM Calls for Maytag CEO to Resign
Machinists Make ‘Jobs’ the Issue for Dems
Health Insurance Tops Workers’ Worries
Pension Exemption Opposed at NWA
The Reality of Unemployment

May 06, 2003
Pentagon Proposal Threatens U.S. Defense
Unemployment Rate Hits 8-Year High
Automotive Pact Reached in St. Paul
May is ‘Older Americans Month’
Pennsylvania Mechanics Get First Pact
Strike Idles Waukesha Engine Works
Union Industries Show Draws More Than 200,000
Harley ‘Hugger’ Drawing Set for July 10

May 01, 2003
Machinists at UAL Ratify Contracts
Service Contract Win at Barksdale AFB
NMB Sets Dates for UAL Election
Unions Demand ‘Uniform Justice’
Kourpias Re-elected as Northwest Airlines Director
More Evidence of Jobless Recovery
IAM Safety & Health Reps Visit NTSB
Western Territory Notches 2 Organizing Wins